Best Tablet Under £100 – Budget Tablet Buyer’s Guide

Choose the best tablet under £100 for you from our cheap tablet reviews here, with so many on the market it makes it difficult to choose the best cheap tablet under £100, with long-lasting batteries, a decently-sized screen and speedy operation. When choosing the best tablet on a budget you have to bear in mind that every tablet is different in each regard so we’ve compiled the most popular tablets for you, going into detail about their various functions and features.

Some of these tablets have been featured before on best tech gifts but most are new, prices vary over time so one or two models may cost a little more than £100, but they are all great tablets so you won’t have much trouble choosing the best budget tablet for you.

Best Tablet Under £100 Budget

Best Tablet Under £100

Tablets used to be high-priced gadgets, but now you can buy great tablets cheaply for between £50-£100 budget. We go into all the details of each particular model in our individual reviews, or you can use our handy feature-table to quickly look over the important points of each model and choose the best affordable tablet for you.

The Look

The Lenovo Tab E10 comes with a HD 10.1 inch screen with an aspect ratio of 16×10 and a resolution of 1280×800.  This model is available in a black plastic finish that gives it a simple and functional aesthetic.

The Feel

This tablet comes with a simple black plastic casing that feels fairly robust and is relatively compact and light (although not as light as others currently on the market) at 9.8mm thickness and weighing just over 500 grams.

The size and weight make it very portable and easy to use on the go or for extended periods as an eReader.

The Experience

The Lenovo Tab E10 has a user-friendly set up and comes with the Android 8.1 Oreo Go edition operating system. This system has been specifically designed for smartphones and tablets with less than 2GB of RAM and is designed to run faster due to its lighter design and improved in-build security.

When using this tablet I did find it slower compared to more expensive tablets on the market.  And although adequate for basic browsing, word processing or streaming, some apps are a little slow to load and you sometimes experience lag when using multiple apps.

Although the screen is not full HD it is bright and vibrant and you can expect a decent viewing experience when you’re watching your favourite series or movie. The viewing experience is enhanced with duel front-facing speakers, these came as a pleasant surprise for a tablet costing just over £100 as most budget tablets opt for the mono speaker which results in a much lower quality sound.
This tablet does support and run a whole range of games, but some of the newer or higher specification games are not supported (for example Fortnite) and others will run but will be slow to respond and will lag. For this reason this tablet would be good for a casual gamer but more serious gamers may need to look for alternative options, or research whether specific titles are supported, in order to avoid disappointment.

The Features

This Lenovo E10 tablet come with a 1.3 GHz Snap Dragon Quad Core Processor and 2 GB RAM.

This model is available with 16 GB of internal storage, expandable via MicroSD card to 128GB.

This tablet features Micro USB 2.0 charging rather than the newer USB C connection. The battery life is 7 hour although you will get less than this with intense use, which is what you would expect for a budget tablet.

This model comes with a 2 MP front facing camera and 5 MP rear facing camera. These cameras will obviously not out perform the camera on your smartphone but are decent enough for your Skype or video conferencing needs. The 5 MP rear facing camera came as a pleasant surprise as most budget tablets stick to 2 MP.

The Final Word

The Lenovo E10 tablet is a fairly decent tablet considering the low price but can be a little slow to run and therefore might be a bit frustrating if you are used to higher spec tablets, or if you rely on your tablet for heavy usage. This model does have some surprise added features (such as duel front facing speakers and the 5 MP rear facing camera and these little touches do give it a slight edge in the budget tablet market although this model that would only suit a more casual tablet user.


The Look

The Lenovo Tab E7 has a 1024×600 7 inch screen and a simple and sleek black plastic casing. The screen is HD although not the best quality, and the lack of IPS technology result in a very limited range of viewing angles. This will not be an issue if you are using your tablet for tasks such as surfing the web or as an e-reader, but you may experience issues when watching or streaming TV shows or movies. 

The Feel

This tablet is very light, weighing under 300 grams, although is slightly thick compared to others on the market at just over 10 mm.

The plastic casing does give the tablet a more budget feel compared to metal casings but for £60 this tablet doesn’t feel too delicate.


The Experience

This tablet comes with the Android 8.1 Oreo Go operating system. The addition of the Go system is a definite selling point for this tablet as the Go apps do run quickly and smoothly. Without this operating system this tablet would be very disappointing as it comes with a small 1 GB RAM. It’s hard to complain when paying so little but a lot of apps are slow to run, the internet struggles when using multiple tabs, and many users may find this frustrating.

The set up of this tablet is nice simple and user friendly. Upon set up, the tablet is relatively bloatware free allowing users to set it up to their specifications.

If you are looking for a gaming tablet this is probably not the tablet for you as you will find that this tablet can not run most newer games, and those it can run have to be played at their lowest settings.

The Features

The Lenovo E7 Tab comes with a 1.3 Ghz RAM Quad core processor. It has 1 GB of RAM. This is enough for basic uses but is disappointing compared to other budget tablets available on the market today.

This tablet comes with a decent 16 GB storage which is further expandable via MicroSD card to 128 GB.

This tablet comes with a very basic 3 MP front facing camera and 2 MP rear facing camera which are decent enough to handle video calling. There is a single speaker, which suffices for phone or video calls but the sound quality is very low (especially for listening to music or watching movies). This tablet does come with Bluetooth connectivity so you can easily connect to an external speaker.

The usage time of this tablet is around 5 or 6 hours which is decent enough for a budget tablet.

The Final Word

The Lenova brand is known for making good quality budget tablets, this is always reassuring now that the tech market is filled with new and unknown brands.

This tablet really is very cheap at only £60, and with such a low price tag, it’s important not to expect too much. This tablet is decent enough to run some simple tasks smoothly, but this really is only for some very basic uses. Although the super cheap price tag might tempt you, it really is worth investing just a little more if you are wanting anything more than just the most basic of uses out of your tablet.

The Look

The Fusion5 104Bv2 PRO Android tablet PC has a 10.1 inch screen with a HD resolution of 1280 x 800. Although this is not a full HD the IPS technology in this screen allows for a high quality viewing or gaming experience especially compared to other budget tablets.

The casing of this tablet is available in a black plastic finish giving this tablet a simple yet smart overall look.

The Feel

Weighing just a little under 600 grams this is not the lightest 10 inch tablet on the market but is still a very comfortable weight for portable use or younger users.

The Experience

The Fusion 5 104Bv2 PRO tablet PC comes with the Android 9.0 Pie operating system, this will run your favourite apps and games quickly and smoothly. The inclusion of the new Android operating system is a clear positive for this product as many budget tablets come with Android 8.1 Oreo and the new operating system runs well and has some handy new features included.

The set up of this tablet is quick and extremely user friendly and, upon set up, the tablet does not come with too many preloaded apps allowing users to easily set up and personalise their new tablet without wasting time and space on unwanted apps.

This tablet come with Dual Band Wi-Fi connectivity which boosts the speed at which you can use the internet by 80% compared to tablets without this technology. This is a great feature for those wanting to use their tablet for work or study purposes.

The battery life of 5 hours is a little on the low side compared to some other tablets but it’s good to note this is for intense use and you can expected more battery time when using less power intensive apps.

The Features

The Fusioin5 104Bv2 Pro Tablet PC comes with a 64-bit 1.30GHz quad core processor and advanced GPU to give you the best possible viewing or gaming experience available on a budget.

This tablet has 2 GB RAM and 32 GB internal storage which is expandable via MicroSD card.

The Fusion5104Bv2 Pro Tablet has a 2 MP front facing camera and 5 MP rear facing camera which are basic but decent for video calling or conferencing needs.

This model has some really great connectivity options with USB charging, Duel Band Wi-Fi Connectively (mentioned above), Bluetooth 4.0 and a micro HDMI port (always a great addition for a tablet as it allows you to quickly and easily connect to bigger screens or devices).

The Final Word

Fusion5 has been one of the leading independent brands selling tablets since 2010 and with tablets like this is it clear to see why. Although this tablet will not outperform more expensive models you really should consider this tablet if you have a budget of £100 as you get a lot for your money.

It is easy to use, has a good quality display and comes with lots of little added extras (such as Duel Band Connectivity, front facing speakers, HDMI port), adding a lot to the overall user experience.

A lot of budget tablets seem more suitable for younger or less confident users, whereas this tablet is more of an all rounder as the added features make it a good tablet for more intensive use for entertainment or work.

The Look

The Dragon Touch K10 tablet comes with a 10.1 inch LCD screen. The plastic casing of this tablet comes in a silver metallic finish giving this table a high quality look and feel compared to a lot of other budget tablets that are available with a more basic plastic finish. The metallic silver finish of this tablets casing, alongside the white screen boarder, give the Dragon Touch K10 a smart, clean and pleasing aesthetic.

The Feel

This tablet is fairly thin and lightweight compared to other 10 inch tablets weighing in at just over 500 grams. The low weight and durable feel of this tablet make it comfortable to carry and ideal for on the go use.

The Experience

The Dragon Touch K10 runs the Android 8.1 Oreo operating system so you can expect smooth running of all of your favourite apps. This tablet really is great for a whole range of uses including browsing the internet, checking emails, streaming shows online, video calling or playing your favourite games.

The set up of the tablet itself was very simple and, on boot up, this tablet does not come with too many preinstalled apps allowing users to easily set up the tablet, as they want it, without wasting space on unwanted or unused apps.

This tablet has a 10.1 inch LCD 720p HD screen with a resolution of 800×1280, The screen has a 178 degree view angle and has a clear and bright display providing a good viewing experience for such a low price tag. This tablet does come with stereo speakers, a good addition for a budget tablet although the sound quality is still a little low.

The Features

The Dragon Touch K10 comes with a 1.30 GHz Quad core processor. 2 GB of RAM and 16 GB of internal storage (expandable to 218 Gb).

This tablet boasts 8 hours battery life although this is probably closer to 6 if you are using the tablet more intense apps such as gaming or streaming videos or movies.

This tablet has front and rear facing 2 MP cameras that are basic but decent and functional enough for video calling and taking very basic photos.  This tablet also features a flash on the rear-facing camera not often seen on tablets. This can also be used as a torch, which is a useful little addition.

The Dragon Touch K10 comes with a micro USB charging port and, more unusually for a budget tablet, a micro HDMI port enabling you to quickly and easily connect your tablet to larger screens.

The Final Word

You get a lot for your money with this budget tablet and for a price tag of less than £100 this is a good tablet for most users. The ease of the setting up this model would make it a very attractive to less experienced tablet users; whereas more experienced users will be impressed by how quickly and smoothly this tablet runs.  The Dragon Touch K10 ticks a lot of boxes and contains a few very useful extras.

The Look

The Vankyo MatrixPad Z4 tablet comes with a 10.1 inch screen with a resolution of 1280 x 800. The screen has 1080p full HD and IPS technology allowing for a greater range of viewing angles and a clear, bright and vivid viewing experience. Most tablets of this price range do not have full HD so this is a great addition, especially if you are planning on using your tablet to watch movies or play games in higher definition.

The design itself of the tablet is very smart and simply with a relatively thin black screen boarder plastic casing.

The Feel

For a 10 inch tablet this model is nice and light at 500 grams, great for use on the move, for extended periods hand held, or for younger users.

The Experience

The Vankyo MatrixPad Z4 is easy to set up, even for less confident users and, after setup does not contain too much bloatware. This allows new users to set up their android tablet easily without wasting time or space on unwanted apps.

This tablet runs Android 9.0 Pie operating system so you can expect smooth and responsive running from all of your favourite Google apps. The inclusion of the new operating system along side the 2 GB RAM and 1.50 GHz Quad-core processor result in a tablet impressively quick and responsive for such a low price tag.

This tablet charges via Micro USB rather than the newer USB C but boasts a very quick charge time of only 3 hours. This gives you around 6 hours of mixed usage, and although there are other models on the market offering a little more usage time, it’s hard to complain when a full charge will take 3 hours rather than, in a lot of cases, more than double this.

The Features

The Vankyo MatrixPad Z4 has 2 GB of RAM and a 1.50 GHz Quad-core processor. This does make this tablet more speedy than most budget tablets of this price tag, but will still feel a little sluggish to those used to high grade models.

This tablet comes with a decent 32 GB of internal storage, expandable with Micro SD up to 128 GB.

This tablet come with a 2 MP front facing which is good enough for video calling and conferencing needs; and an 8MP rear facing cameras with flash which is a pleasant addition as most tablets of this price bracket comes with a 2MP rear facing camera with no flash. As with all tablets, the cameras will not perform to the same standards as your smartphone camera you will notice different between the 8 MP included in this model compared to the 2 MP used as standard on budget tablets.

The Final Word

If you are looking to invest in a budget tablet this is a good model to consider. The screen and picture quality are much higher than most models available in this price bracket. This is a good all round model and incudes many little features (8 MP rear-facing camera, full HD screen, 3 hour charge time) that make it an appealing model to a variety of tablet users.  It is fair to say that this is not a power house and, if you are more accustomed to more expensive tablets, you will find this a little slow but, it really is a great basic or starter tablet

I would recommend this tablet for less experienced users or children due to this its’ simplified features and the tablets durability. I wouldn’t recommend this tablet for those with more intense usage needs as you will find the performance lacking.

Amazon New Fire 7With Double The Memory!

The Look

The Amazon Fire 7 in a small and smart little tablet with a 7 inch screen that really isn’t much bigger than a lot of newer smartphones meaning that this tablet is easy to use on the go.

It is available in black, blue, green and pink and comes in a matt finish, giving the new model a sleek look despite the low price tag.

The Feel

This small tablet is very lightweight (less than 300g) great for use on the move or light enough for children to use comfortably.

The backing of the tablet is plastic and comes with a matt finish, which is both sleek looking, and easy to grip, again this is a good feature for younger tablet users.

The Experience

The new Amazon Fire 7 is the 9th generation of the Amazon Fire tablets and one of its best selling models.  With a price tag of only £50 this is the cheapest of Amazon’s tablets, and in fact, one of the cheapest tablets currently on the market.

The set up is nice and simple and has an extremely user-friendly video introduction, which is great for less experienced tech users. The parental controls are easy to set up and manage with Amazon’s “Fire for Kids”.

The Amazon Fire 7 is compatible with most games but if you’re an avid gamer you probably want to do some research to avoid disappointment as this model is not compatible with some games (such as Fortnight).

It’s good to note that Amazon tablets run off the Amazon App store and so games you have bought through the Google Play store might need to be purchased again through the Amazon App store to be played on this device.

The Features

This 7 inch tablet is available with 16 or 32 GB of internal storage but features a MicroSD card slot enabling you to increase the storage up to 512 GB.

This model has an improved and faster 1.3 GHz quad core processor and 1GB of RAM.

This tablet features Micro USB charging rather than the newer USB C connection. The battery life is 7 hour although you may get a little less than this with intense use. The tablet is supplied with a 1 AMP charging cable but is also compatible with the 2 AMP for faster charging.

This tablet features Amazon’s Alexa that can even be used when the devices screen is switched off. You can now connect to, and control, your home systems like an Amazon Echo.

This model features 2 MP front and rear facing cameras with 720p HD video recording so although not the highest spec around good enough for video calling and very basic photographs.

The Final Word

The Amazon Fire 7 really is a great tablet for such a budget price. On performance testing the new model comes out almost on par with the Amazon 8 clearly demonstrating the improvements from the previous generation.

I would recommend this tablet for less experienced users or children due to this its’ simplified features and the tablets durability. I wouldn’t recommend this tablet for those with more intense usage needs as you will find the performance lacking.

10 Inch 3G PhabletWith Dual Sim-card Slots!

10 Inch 3G PHablet

The Look

The 10 inch 3G Phablet Android tablet has a 10.1inch screen that comes with a Full HD screen resolution of 1920 x 1080 allows for a high quality viewing experiences.

This tablet comes with an ultra thin silver metal casing, a nice change from most budget tablets that opt for the plainer black plastic casing, and give this tablet a higher end aesthetic.

The Feel

Despite this tablet having a metal casing it still weighs in a relatively light 650g, which, although not the lightest on the market, is still a very comfortable weight for portable use, younger users, or for extended periods hand-held.

The Experience

The set up of this tablet is simple and user friendly, perfect for even less tech savvy users. Upon set-up the tablet does not include too much bloatware, this is great as it allows the user to customise and set up their tablet for their own needs without wasting too much space or time on unwanted apps.

This tablet comes with the Android 8.1 Oreo operating system, this is powered by a 2 GHz Octa-core processor so you can expect fast and smooth running for all of your favourite apps and games.  It is good to note that if you are looing for a gaming tablet on a budget this one if definitely worth considering as the powerful processor, quick charge time and high picture quality lend into a great gaming experiencing.

This tablet will give you a usage time of around 6 to 8 hours, but expect a little less if you are using very power intensive apps. This is average for a budget tablet but this tablet boasts a charge time of just 2 hours which easily outstrips most of its competitors.

The Features

The specifications of this tablet are very impressive for such a low price tag with a 2 GHz Octa-core processor and 4 GB of RAM. Although this is still not as fast as an Ipad, you will notice that this tablet runs more quickly and smoothly with less lag, compared to other similarly priced models.

This tablet comes with an impressive 64 GB of internal memory, more than enough for all your favourite apps, and this is able to be expanded with a further 128 GB via Micro SD card, perfect for storing photos, music, videos, etc.

This tablet comes with a good range of connectivity options including Cellular (2 & 3G), GPS, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. The inclusion of duel sim card slots and the cellular connection options are useful additions, especially for those who wish to use a greater range of functions, apps ad services on the go.

This tablet comes with a 3 MP front-facing camera and 8 MP rear-facing camera. These are basic but decent enough for video calling or taking basic photographs. The rear-facing camera also has a flash, this is another useful addition that most budget tablets do not include.

The Final Word

This tablet has some very impressive specifications and features for such a low price tag. The screen and picture quality, alongside the 2 GHz Octa-core processor make this model appealing for users looking for a high quality gaming or viewing experiences.

Whereas most budget tablets seem better designed for less experienced or younger tablet users, this tablet runs quickly enough that it would be well suited to more experienced users or the professional market where you might need to run multiple apps, or use the tablet multi-functionally, whilst commuting or on the move.

Amazon Fire HD 8 Tablet Great all-round tablet with Alexa built-in!

Best Tablet - All-New Fire HD 8 Tablet with Alexa

The Look

Bigger than the 7 inch and smaller than the 10 inch, the Amazon Fire HD 8 inch tablet is a size that feels just right: large enough to enjoy movies but compact enough to hold in one hand or pop into your bag.

The design may be a bit basic and the plastic back may put off those wanting a more refined looking tablet, but the Fire 8 isn’t trying to compete with the higher end models, so you get what you pay for.

This budget priced tablet won’t win any beauty prizes but what it lacks in sophisticated design, it makes up for in sturdiness. It’s a robust piece of technology and that, along with the lower price and choice of bright colours, make it a great tablet for kids as well as adults.

The Feel

The Fire HD 8 is lightweight and small enough to pop into a handbag or backpack pouch, and it’s still relatively easy to type with your thumbs.

The plastic casing feels sturdy and solid enough and it can stand up to heavy handed treatment better than the iPad. The tablet already has a kid friendly design, but if you want something for very young kids with a bit more protection, there’s also a dedicated Fire HD 8 Kid’s Edition with a softer, more protective kid proof case available at a higher price.

The Experience

The 1.3Hz processor with 1.5 GB is fine for all the essentials and internal storage comes in either 16 or a generous 32 GB. There’s also a micro SD slot if you need more storage for watching films on a long journey.

The screen isn’t really HD quality. The 1,280 x 800 pixels are clear enough but it doesn’t have that ultra sharp quality you get with more sophisticated models.  There’s no auto brightness and it can look a little dull compared to a smartphone screen.

The Fire OS software is pre-loaded with the standard Amazon apps such as Kindle, Prime Video, Audible, Music, Game and Amazon Apps which offers all the essential add-ons you’d expect such as Skype, Facebook and Netflix.

Amazon App doesn’t have the variety of apps that Google Play offers, and it’s also worth noting that Google Apps or Microsoft Word aren’t available, so it’s not a really suitable for business use. And if you want access to all the Amazon content, Amazon Prime membership is pretty much compulsory.

The low price is reflected in the camera quality, which has been downgraded to 2MP. The VGA camera is very poor and only just workable for the odd Skype call.

However, the speakers are surprisingly clear and deliver reasonably good sound quality.

Alexa, the voice responsive personal assistant is a fun feature and works well, although she’s not totally handsfree; you need to tap the home button before she’ll hear you.

The Fire HD 8 has some great kid friendly features. You can set them up with a separate profile and the kids app lets you set parental controls and time limits for games and videos. It’s ideal if you want to use the tablet too, allowing you to have a totally separate profile that the kids can’t have access to.

The Features

The choice of 16 or 32 GB models offer a generous amount of storage with the added bonus of a micro SD slot for storing extra music and movies.

The Fire HD 8 has a more than decent battery life. Amazon claims 12 hours, and it doesn’t disappoint.

Alexa is a fun, well-functioning feature. She’ll give you instant information such as news or weather updates, let you set alarms, make a shopping list and even control your smart home functions.

The Final Word

The Fire HD 8 is an Amazon tablet so it’s obviously Amazon orientated. But it offers everything a casual user should need, and at such a low price it’s a perfect budget tablet for all the family.


Great battery life



Poor camera

Huawei UK MediaPad T3 10 Best 10″ Budget Android Tablet

Best Tablet - Huawei UK MediaPad T3 10-Inch Tablet

The Look

The Huawei UK MediaPad T3 10 is surprisingly stylish for a mid-range tablet. It has the sleek, modern metal design you’d expect on an Apple and an elegant and durable aviation grade anodised aluminium casing in light grey.

In terms of quality, the design of the T3 10 makes it look more expensive than it is, and certainly gives pricier models a run for their money.

The T3 10 features an IPS LCD HD display with 1280 x 800 pixels that guarantees bright, clear image quality and vibrant colours, making the tablet ideal for watching movies or playing games. Even the box it comes in is attractive!

The Feel

Weighing only 460g, the T3 10 is lightweight and easy to carry around without weighing your bag down, while it’s compact enough to even fit inside a large pocket, like a smartphone.

At 8mm it is super slim and the rounded edges fit neatly into your hands making it a pleasure to use.

The Experience

The T3 10 is equipped with a Quad core 1.4GHz processor and the EMU 5.1 operating system. The result is a clean and responsive interface and a tablet that is smooth and fast to use.

In fact, for everyday essential tasks, the tablet is super fast. Pages load quickly and scrolling is smooth and seamless.

Internet connection is a definite plus point. It’s very fast even in areas where the Wi-Fi signal is weak. There’s no lag and streaming movies is a synch.

Sound quality is better than average and doesn’t distort even if you pump up the volume. Skype calls are clear and noise interference is minimal.

The clear display comes in wide screen with full HD, and only the most pedantic Apple enthusiasts will notice slight pixelation around the outer edges.

Internal storage is 16GB which should satisfy casual users, but you can bump it up using a Micro SD card in the dedicated slot.

The camera, like with many other tablets, is adequate, but images can look a little washed out. It certainly won’t be up to the standard of your smartphone’s camera.

Battery life is excellent and you can play games or watch movies for up to 7 or 8 hours on average. The T3 10 also does a good job of staying cool, and won’t warm up like many other tablets.

The Features

Considering its price, the T3 10 is packed with some great features.

It has a split screen option that you’d only expect with a more expensive tablet. The feature lets you open 2 apps at the same time and look at them side-by-side, for example you can refer to a webpage while using the pre-loaded Microsoft Office.

The 2 GB RAM is fast and efficient allowing you to open 2 or 3 apps at the same time without having to wait for them to reload.

The battery is excellent, and you can go up to 7-8 hours until you need to recharge. On that note, charging is quick too.

The T3 10 can also be configured in Kid’s Mode so parents can control time on the tablet and access to sites you’d rather they didn’t see. The low light eye protection feature not only benefits children, but also means you can safely read or watch movies in bed without the worry of eye strain.

The Final Word

The Huawei T3 10 is a mid-range tablet, so you can’t expect the sophistication and efficiency that you’re going to get with the higher range models. However, if you want a fast working responsive tablet with features galore and the added benefits of extra storage, you should be more than happy with this elegant, hard working tablet.


Price vs features

IPS display


Shorter battery life

It UK Quad Core Android Lollipop Tablet  – Best cheap tablet

Best Tablet - It UK 10.1" Quad Core, Google Android Lollipop Tablet PC (16GB)

The Look

The It UK 10.1” Quad Core Google Android Lollipop is a cheap and cheerful tablet suited for those with a limited spending budget.

Looks wise, it’s not going to win any beauty prizes. It lacks the style and sophistication of the more expensive tablets, and it’s certainly not sleek or slimline. With a rounded black plastic casing, it has that chunky look that suits the purpose of an all-round family tablet and is sturdy enough for younger and more heavy handed kids to use.

The It UK has a large 10.1” screen which is a good size for watching movies or browsing on the internet. The 1024 x 600 resolution screen is fine for general use, but you’re not going to get that high res sharp quality you’d expect with higher priced models.

The Feel

The It UK has a solid feel and feels quite chunky in the hand. It’s also pretty heavy, weighing in at around 900g, so although it’s equipped with a Micro SD slot for additional storage so you can use it on the move, it’s not that practical for travelling.

The Experience

The main plus point of the It UK is that it’s very easy to use. It would suit a tablet newbie or families who don’t want the hassle of too much technology and a load of features they’ll never use.

The IT UK uses Android 5.1 Lollipop and 1GB RAM which is powerful enough for light use, watching YouTube or Netflix and browsing the internet. You’re never going to get the performance of an iPad or Samsung, but it switches smoothly enough between apps.

Connectivity is good and it connects to Wi-Fi with ease. It also has Bluetooth capabilities.

The 10.1″ screen is a good size however the screen quality lets it down a bit. It only lets you adjust the brightness and you can only enjoy the full benefit of the 1024 x 600 resolution if you use it indoors. You also really need to position the screen directly centred in front of you. It’s very reflective and not good when viewing from an angle.

If you’re comparing the It UK to a more expensive brand, you’ll notice the images are more pixellated and the overall effect is slightly grainy. But you’re never going to get exceptional image quality in this price range. However, it’s adequate enough for watching movies on a tablet.

Another option is to use the handy HDMI port which allows you to connect the tablet with your TV.

The cameras are average and lighting isn’t great, but tablets aren’t built with the camera as a priority, and even expensive models have their issues. However the It UK cameras are fine for snap happy kids who like to take selfies.

Battery life is around 6 hours which is not much for a tablet; another reason why the It UK is a more suitable for home use.

The Features

The It UK uses Quad Core Android 5.1 Lollipop with 1GB RAM and comes with 16GB of internal storage. The device also has a Micro SD card slot so you can increase the storage and create a customised library of your favourite movies and games.

The HDMI port allows you to connect the tablet to your TV and watch downloaded movies in a bit more comfort.

The It UK comes with the usual pre-installed Google apps such as Google Play, Chrome and Gmail.

The Final Word

You can’t expect all the features and capabilities of an iPad or Samsung at this price. However, if  you just want a basic tablet that’s easy to use or you want an extra tablet to keep at home for watching movies, playing games or doing homework, the It UK is good value for money and certainly worth considering.


Price vs features



10.6″ Fusion5 Android Tablet Best budget tablet for movies

10 6 Fusion5 Android Tablet

The Look

If you’re looking for a budget priced tablet for watching your favourite movies, then the large 10.6 inch Fusion5 is definitely worth considering.

The LCD Full HD screen has a 1920 x 1080 resolution which delivers a clear, bright and vibrant image which is a pleasure to watch thanks to the generous 10.6 inch viewing area.


The Feel

This is a large tablet so won’t suit those who want a more discreet and compact model. It’s also reasonably heavy, weighing 1100 grammes, so it’s not the most portable device.

Although the Fusion5 comes with a screen protector already fitted, it still seems to scratch easily. The screen itself is quite fragile and delicate so a protective case is recommended. That, as well as the size is something you should consider if you want to travel a lot with your tablet.


The Experience

Set up is very easy even if you’re not a ‘techy’ type. Thanks to the octa core processor and 2 GB RAM, the Fusion5 is satisfyingly fast, the touch screen is sensitive and responsive and screen lag is minimal. It’s ideal for performing everyday tasks and there’s no significant slow down when multiple apps are running at the same time.

The generous 2 GB RAM storage can also be extended via the micro SD card slot. There’s also minimal bloatware taking up storage space.

Considering this is a budget tablet, image quality is very impressive. That and the large 10.6 inch viewing area make it a great device for watching movies, YouTube videos and playing games. It’s also proving to be a popular buy for those with poorer eyesight who appreciate the larger screen size and high resolution.

The screen itself however is quite fragile and scratches easily so the tablet isn’t ideal if you want to take it out and about a lot. It’s better suited as a stay-at-home tablet for watching movies rather than a portable device you can throw into a bag.

Sound quality from the 2 internal speakers lets it down a bit and can sound tinny when turned up high.

Battery life is higher than average and fully charged can last up to 14 hours.

A very welcome surprise for a tablet in this price range is its versatile choice of connectivity. As well as the micro USB it also has a full-sized USB port and a mini HDMI for extra convenience.

The Fusion5 has 2 cameras, a 2MP front camera and 5MP back camera which work pretty well for a tablet. Certainly not smart phone quality, but slightly better than average.


The Features

The Fusion5 has an excellent octa core processor that is speedy and powerful, and Android 6.0 Marshmallow operating system. It also has energy saving DVFS which also helps with loading speeds.

A generous 2 GB RAM memory that can be extended via the micro SD slot.

Large 10.6 inch screen with high 1920 x 1080 Full HD resolution delivering impressively sharp and vibrant image quality.

Versatile connectivity via a micro USB, full-sized USB and mini HDMI. The device also has Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4.0 capabilities.

2 cameras, front and rear with auto focus function.


The Final Word

Considering the price, this lower end tablet has some great features and works extremely well. But its main appeal is the large screen that delivers excellent image quality. It’s an ideal buy for families who want a tablet primarily for watching movies but don’t want to spend a fortune on a more expensive model.

The Fusion5 can never be compared to an iPad Pro, but if you’re looking for a second tablet that performs all the essential tasks while providing a pleasurable viewing experience at an affordable price, then the Fusion5 should suit you nicely.


Good battery life

Large screen


Screen scratches easily

Sound is a bit tinny

Huawei MediaPad T3 7″ Tablet Best value tablet

Huawei MediaPad T3 7 Tablet

The Look

Sleek, slimline yet sturdy, the impressive build design of the Huawei MediaPad T3 belies its incredibly low price tag. Unlike most plastic-cased tablets in this price range, the T3 has an aviation grade, anodised aluminium body in space grey, making it look far more expensive than it is.

The 7 inch tablet has an ultra thin frame, just 8.6 mm, and is compact and lightweight. The IPS screen has an HD resolution of 1024 x 600 which delivers a sharp, clear display that is perfectly satisfactory for daily tasks, watching movies and playing games.


The Feel

Small enough to fit easily into your pocket the T3 is also incredibly light, weighing just 250 grammes. This 7 inch version is ideal for little hands to hold, although if you’re buying it for younger children the metal back may be a bit slippery so a plastic or rubber case would give a better grip while also protecting the tablet from knocks.


The Experience

Set up is easy and straightforward and the EMUI 4.1 operating system is responsive and smooth. Although the 7 inch only has Wi-Fi capabilities, connectivity is quick and reliable.

The Quad Core 1.3GHz processor isn’t as fast as the larger models but is more than adequate for daily tasks.

The small size is ideal for reading a book and it also has a handy low light mode to prevent eye strain so you can comfortably read in bed at night.

The screen display is good enough for watching movies, and the colours are clear and vibrant. There is slight pixelation at the edges but it’s barely noticeable and will only be an issue if you’re used to higher resolution models.

Battery life is a decent 7 hours giving you plenty of time to watch videos, and it charges pretty quickly too.

Storage space is only 16 GB but you can expand that with a separate Micro SD card if you want to download videos.

The front and rear 2MP cameras won’t blow you away, but camera quality never seems to be a priority on tablets. The T3 7’s cameras are adequate enough for video chatting and for snap happy kids who like to take selfies, not much more though.

An unexpected surprise is the sound quality. The built-in speakers do a pretty good job and the bass particularly is impressive.


The Features

The T3 7 comes with parental controls so you can monitor and control which apps your child can open and the length of time they can use the tablet for. This feature, along with the compact size and affordable price makes it an ideal starter tablet for younger kids.

Having said that, the sleek and stylish aluminium frame gives the T3 7 a professional look so you won’t feel embarrassed taking it into the office.

The low light mode is a great feature allowing you to comfortably read in bed without straining your eyes.

The Micro SD card slot enables you to bump up the storage capacity; an essential feature if you want to download movies and music.

The T3 7 also comes with a 2 year manufacturer’s warranty instead of the usual 12 months guarantee.

The Final Word

The T3 7 is a compact, lightweight and responsive little tablet at a very affordable price. Build quality is far more than you’d expect from a tablet in this price range, while performance is perfectly adequate for daily tasks such as reading, watching movies and surfing the internet.

Whether you want an affordable entry level tablet for the kids, or a stylish device that you can fit into your pocket, the T3 7 should more than satisfy your needs.


Well made

Good battery life


Videos drain battery after 4 hours

10.1″ Inch Android Tablet Best basic tablet

101 Inch Android Tablet

The Look

The Anoc Android tablet is lightweight but sturdy tablet with a large 10.1 inch screen, ideal for watching movies, playing games and large print reading.

The ultra-clear IPS screen has a 1280 x 800 resolution with a wide angle feature. Picture quality is good, however it also has a mini HDMI port so you can connect it to another monitor or even the TV for watching movies on a large screen.


The Feel

The Anoc 10.1 is fairly lightweight, weighing just under 800 g. It also has a micro SD card slot so you can download your favourite movies and watch them on the go. Slim and light, it’s an ideal tablet for long journeys.


The Experience

Set up is straightforward enough and it comes fully charged so it’s ready to use straight out of the box.

The latest Android Nougat 7.0 runs smoothly enough and the tablet is easy to navigate. However, even though it has Quad Core Super Fast CPU, it’s not as responsive as it could be.

Apps are easy to download, and the tablet supports all the essential apps such as Netflix, YouTube and email, but again, they’re slow to load. 2 GB RAM would have been better than the 1GB it comes with.

It also works well with the Kindle app, and the large, well defined screen makes it easy to read your favourite books in comfort.

A definite plus point is the picture quality. The Ultra Clean 1280 x 800 IPS screen is clear, sharp and vibrant. The larger size and the wide viewing angle make it a great little tablet for watching movies or your favourite Netflix shows.

Alternatively you can connect the Anoc to the television via the handy mini HDMI port. And if you want to download films to watch offline, there’s a micro SD card slot to expand storage from 8 GB to 128 GB.

Battery life is impressive. Fully charged, it will last you most of the day, so you can then leave it to recharge overnight.

The Anoc has two cameras, front and back, but like with many other tablets, image quality is not one of the manufacturer’s top priorities. It’s adequate enough for Skype calls and children’s fun photo apps, but don’t expect smartphone quality.


The Features

If you’re looking for an affordable tablet specifically for multi-media entertainment the Anoc has all the features to make viewing your favourite movies and shows easy and pleasurable.

The Ultra Clean 10.1 inch screen has an impressive 1280 x 800 resolution as well as a wide view angle which delivers a sharp image quality and vibrant colours.

Thanks to the mini HDMI port you can even connect the tablet up to your TV and watch movies on a larger screen, and that with the long battery life, makes it ideal for those late night Netflix binges.

With the micro SD card slot you can expand your storage up to 128 GB, so you can download movies, music and games and view them offline; great for long journeys.

As well as supporting all the popular apps such as Netflix, YouTube, SkyGo and Kindle, the Anoc also supports 3D gaming.


The Final Word

The 10.1 inch Android Anoc is not going to satisfy those who want a far more responsive and fast loading tablet. However, if you want an affordable device for movie watching, reading and playing simple games, or just want a second tablet for the home which isn’t going to cost a fortune, the Anoc should more than satisfy your needs.


Large screen


Sound a bit tinny

A bit slow for some

10.1″ Fusion5 Android Tablet Well made and versatile

Fusion5 Tablet

The Look

The Fusion5 is a great value Android Tablet PC that is build for a whole range of uses including gaming, watching movies, reading books or getting work done.

This tablet has a thinner than most display panel and the design itself is sleek and elegant. The screen is a decent size measuring 10.1inch with a HD resolution of 1280×800 and features IPS technology guaranteeing bright, high-quality images and vivid colours. The design and advanced screen technology results in a pleasant and enjoyable top-quality viewing or gaming experience, perfect for watching movies or streaming apps such as Netflix.

The Feel

This tablet has a sturdy feel and, despite the larger size of the screen, is still relatively lightweight at just under 700g. The display is clear and crisp and comes with a screen protector already fitted. The back panel comes with a scratch resistance coating deigned to protect your tablet from scratches, marks and other signs of wear and tear.

The Experience

This tablet runs the Android Oreo 8.1 operating system which not only makes the interface easy to use, but also ensures that you can run all of your favourite apps without compromising on app running speeds or experiencing lagging.

The Fusion5 is a very user-friendly tablet and has a decent battery length. It is quick and easy to set up and so would be great a buy for even the newest or least confident tablet users.

A key selling point for this model is the range of connectively options it comes with. Both WIFI and Bluetooth 4.0 connections are available as well as micro and mini HDMI connections enabling you to quickly and easily connect you tablet to your PC, TV or projector.

This model comes with a decent 16GB of storage space but further storage can be added via a Micro SD card (up to 128 gb) enabling you to store many more movies, photos, apps and games.

The Fusion5 has two cameras, a 0.3 MP front camera, and a 2 MP rear camera. These aren’t the best on the market, so if photography is your focus this isn’t the model for you, but still work well enough to enjoy video calling apps (although obviously not performing anywhere near the level of top of the range smart phones).

The Features

The Fusion5 has a Quad Core processor and a 1GB memory providing a decent overall CPU processor speed of 1.3, and runs the Android Oreo 8.1 operating system.

16GB storage space and supports up to 128gb Micro SD memory card.

A key feature of this tablet is the large, high-resolution 10.1inch screen. The 1280×800 HD resolution and IPS screen technology guarantee a sharp, bright and vibrant image.

This tablet also comes with impressive connection options for a lower prices tablet supporting both WIFI and Bluetooth 4.0 as well as allowing you to connect to your PC, TV or Projector with a HDMI to Micro HDMI Cable (cable not included) mini HDMI.

Front and Rear cameras: 0.3 MP front camera and 2 MP rear camera

The Final Word

Although you can’t expect this tablet to out perform more expensive Apple or Samsung models this is a high quality tablet available for a great price. It is very quick, user-friendly, runs smoothly and offers amazing screen quality.

It is a great all round model as it can easy perform all basic functions you would want it to whilst also offering the major benefits of versatile connectivity options and a high quality viewing experience that are not always found at this price level.


Large IPS screen

Solid Build


Manual hard to read

Lenovo TAB3 7 7-Inch Tablet Good battery life if a little slow

Lenovo TAB3 7 Essential 7-Inch Tablet

The Look

The Lenovo TAB3 Essential 7 inch tablet is a cheap and cheerful tablet that will appeal to entry level users and families who want an inexpensive tablet for kids’ homework, reading and internet browsing.

This version comes in a bright purple plastic casing, so it’s not a tablet that you’d probably want to use for work.

The 7 inch screen is SD (standard definition) with a 1024 x 600 resolution which is fine for reading, playing games and watching the odd YouTube video.


The Feel

The TAB3 is made from plastic, and although it lacks the sleek design and feel of more expensive tablets, it feels robust enough to withstand the heavy handed treatment of younger users.

It is also splash proof; an added benefit if you’re buying the tablet for younger children.

Weighing only 300 grams, it’s lightweight and easily portable, so a handy tablet for keeping the kids entertained on long journeys.


The Experience

As the name suggests, the TAB3 is an ‘essential’ tablet. It’s one of the most basic models on the market, but it will perform all the essentials: YouTube, Skype, internet browsing, emails.

It’s very easy to use, so shouldn’t prove to be a problem for young children or less tech savvy users who just want a basic tablet.

This version uses Android 5.0 Lollipop, so there’s no kids mode. However, there are plenty of apps available on Google Play Store which you can download to create a kid friendly interface and ensure safer usage.

The TAB3 is a basic tablet, so there’s not a lot of room for storage, only 8GB. However, it does have a micro SD slot so you can extend the storage up to 32GB with a separate micro SD card.

The sound quality and screen quality aren’t the best. You’re getting what you’re paying for. You certainly won’t get the excellent multimedia experience that higher resolution models offer. Having said that, the TAB3 is perfectly fine for reading Kindles or e-books, browsing the internet and playing simple games.

The TAB3 has 2 cameras, front and rear, and like with most tablets, they’re fine for video calling and kids’ selfies, not much more, but handy to have anyway.

Battery life is quite decent, up to about 8 hours, so ideal for long journeys.

The tablet also has a built-in GPS which works quite well with downloaded maps.


The Features

The TAB3 has been specifically designed for the budget tablet market so features have been kept to a minimum: just the essentials.

It has a 1.3GHz MediaTek Quad Core processor which is speedy enough and should satisfy less demanding users.

The TAB3 supports WiFi and Bluetooth so you can enhance the audio quality with Bluetooth speakers for a better sound experience.

The built-in GPS makes it a handy device to take on journeys, as does the micro SD slot so you can watch downloaded movies on the move.


The Final Word

The Lenovo TAB3 doesn’t claim to be on the same level as an iPad or Samsung. For that very reason it’s named ‘Essential’: a very basic tablet that can handle essential tasks such as kids’ homework, Kindle reading, shopping online and the odd YouTube video.

If you just want a simple-to-use straightforward tablet or a beginner’s tablet for the kids without having to spend a fortune on a more powerful processor or features you don’t really need, then the TAB3 Essential 7 inch is a good value buy at a very affordable price.


Easy to use


Too slow for games

neoCore N1 101 inch Android Tablet

The Look

If you’re looking for a reliable, all-round tablet for all the family to use, at an affordable price, you really can’t go wrong with the British made NeoCore N1.

Considering its budget price, the N1 is a good-looking tablet that you wouldn’t be ashamed to take into the boardroom.

The N1 has a large 10.1 inch screen, ideal for watching movies and playing games, while the glass screen is a nice surprise, as most tablets in this price range have cheaper looking plastic screens.

The 1240 x 600 resolution isn’t the highest quality, but it is perfectly adequate for your everyday needs. The IPS feature helps keep the definition sharp, even at an angle.


The Feel

The matte black casing has been rubberised to allow greater stability and better grip. It’s one of those features that you either love or hate. If you prefer a sleeker more stylish smooth back like the higher end models, you’ll hate the N1’s textured feel. However, the rubbery back feels more secure in the hands of younger users and offers anti-slip stability; a definite plus for some users.


The Experience

The N1 runs on Android Marshmallow 6.0 which performs far better than the usual Android Lollipop 5.0 that most cheaper tablets have.

Thanks to Marshmallow and the Quad Core processor, the N1 is pleasantly speedy and performs the basics quite smoothly even when multitasking.

The N1 is easy to use, even for technophobes and young children, while the NeoCore name doesn’t disappoint in terms of the stability and reliability the British brand is well known for.

The screen is perfectly adequate for watching movies and browsing the internet, but you can’t expect cinema style quality at this price range. The N1 also features a handy mini HDMI, so if the screen doesn’t satisfy, you can connect it up to the TV and watch a movie on the bigger screen.

Graphics work well enough for simple and medium level gaming, such as the kids’ apps you find on PlayStore. However there’s not enough power for more challenging games.

The speakers are tiny, and the volume level could be higher. However, you can boost the sound quality with Bluetooth speakers or wear headphones for a better listening experience.

Considering most tablets have poor quality cameras, the dual cameras on the N1 aren’t too bad; fine for video calling and selfies.

Battery life is an impressive 10 hours, not bad at all for such a large screened tablet.

Internal memory is 16GB but you can extend that to a whopping 256 GB via the micro SD slot.


The Features

Quad Core processor and Marshmallow Android 6.0 provide a smooth and fast enough performance for all your essential every day tasks.

The glass screen is a notable and welcome feature that puts the N1 above its rivals in the same price bracket.

Micro SD slot lets you store up to 256 GB, so you can build up a full library to take with you when you’re away from home.

The N1 also has built-in GPS which works well with downloaded maps.

Reliable and practical, the British made N1 also comes with a 2 year warranty and free customer support.


The Final Word

If you want a reliable, well-functioning tablet that does everything you want without having to spend a fortune then you’ll be more than satisfied with this snappy performer. A great all-round tablet that’s easy to use, with the added benefit of a larger screen. An ideal family tablet that offers fantastic value for money.


Fast in use

Solid build


Audio too quiet for some

Dragon Touch V10 Android Tablet Affordable performer

Dragon Touch V10 Android Tablet

The Look

If you’re looking for a decent tablet that looks good and performs well at an affordable price, you’ll be pleased with the Dragon Touch V10.

Slim and stylish, the V10 also has an impressively large 10 inch IPS screen that delivers a sharp, crisp, clear image for a pleasant movie watching experience.


The Feel

The V10 is slim and feels pleasantly light to hold. The main buttons are all on one side, so it’s easy to use, while the medium sized framing allows you to hold the tablet easily without touching the actual screen.

A comfortable tablet to prop up in bed, on your lap or pop into your bag when you’re on the move.


The Experience

Set up is incredibly easy with a simple to use interface. There’s very little bloatware, so will appeal to those who just want a basic tablet that’s not filled with apps they’ll never use.

The 1280 x 800 resolution IPS screen is surprisingly bright and clear for a tablet in this lower price range. You’ll have no problem watching your favourite Netflix shows and movies. There’s also a handy mini HDMI port so you can connect the tablet to the TV and watch on the bigger screen if you prefer.

Although it’s not full HD, the screen does have an IPS feature, so viewing angles are pretty good with no significant loss of definition.

The V10 has a decent MTK 1.3GHz Quad Core processor and runs on the latest Android 7.0 Nougat. Thanks to this combination, there’s no noticeable lag and performance is speedy and powerful enough to satisfy the average user who needs to perform the usual tablet tasks such as movie watching, internet browsing and social media.

The V10 is fine for simple to medium level games, but 1GB RAM isn’t enough for more challenging games.

Sound quality is adequate and fine for watching a movie in a quiet room. It can sound a bit tinny though when turned up to full volume. However, the V10 supports Bluetooth so you can set it up with compatible external speakers for a better listening experience.

On a negative point, it takes a while to charge; up to 6 hours for a full charge. And the battery itself lasts for an average of 4-5 hours which isn’t as good as some of its competitors.

The dual cameras, although not smartphone standard, are surprisingly good for a tablet, especially in this price range.


The Features

The V10 has all the usual features you’d expect with some extras thrown in, making it a great all-round tablet offering good value for money.

The latest Android Nougat 7.0 and the Quad Core processor offer a smooth and speedy performance and are more than adequate for those essential everyday tablet tasks.

The IPS screen offers a pleasant viewing experience while the mini HDMI port gives you the added choice of watching movies on the bigger TV screen.

The V10 has 16 GB of internal storage which can be extended to 32 GB via the micro SD slot.

GPS functions well with downloaded maps for when you’re on the move.

A surprising and welcome feature in a tablet in this price range is FM radio which you can listen to even without WiFi.


The Final Word

The Dragon Touch V10 is one of the best selling tablets in the budget price range and it’s easy to see why. For those who want a decent performing all-rounder that’s easy to use without the hefty price tag, you can’t get much better value for your money than this.


Price vs features



9.6″ Fusion5 4G Tablet A full-featured budget phablet

96 Fusion5 4G Tablet

The Look

The 9.6 inch Fusion5 4G tablet combines everything you need from a tablet with 2 full sized SIMs with phone calling capabilities at an affordable price, making it the most versatile budget priced tablet on the market.

It’s not a bad looking tablet either, with a sleek and glossy black casing that’s reinforced with a scratch resistant coating.

The Fusion5 4G has an HD 1280 x 800 resolution screen with IPS technology giving you a clear, bright screen that adapts to all types of lighting for good viewing from all angles.


The Feel

Thinner than many tablets in this size and price range, the Fusion5 4G is compact and portable enough to carry around when out and about. It feels sturdy and solid to hold without weighing you down and feels like a surprisingly high quality build for a tablet in this price range.


The Experience

The Fusion5 4G is easy to use and there’s not too much Google bloatware to contend with. Thanks to the Quad Core processor and  running on Android Marshmallow 6.0, it’s a speedy tablet that’s responsive with a sensitive screen swipe for easy transition between apps.

It works well with various windows open and is reliable enough for multitasking.

The Fusion5 4G has 2GB RAM which adds to the speed, making downloading a breeze. It also comes with an impressive 32GB of internal storage which can be extended to 128GB thanks to the micro SD card compatible slot.

The screen is clear and bright and is fine for watching movies and the brightness adjusts automatically according to the light conditions, so you can even use it outside on sunny days.

Graphics are good and the tablet is powerful enough to keep up with faster, more challenging games, although the speakers are quite tinny on full volume so you’d need headphones for a better gaming experience.

The cameras function well, not top notch, but above average and they could certainly give higher spec models a run for their money!

The tablet is let down a bit by the battery though. It only lasts about 4 hours of constant use which is much less than competitor brands in the same price range.


The Features

The Fusion5 4G is packed with handy features including the essentials: WiFi, Bluetooth 4.0 capabilities, GPS for navigation and FM radio.

Thanks to the Quad Core processor, Android Marshmallow 6.0 OS and 2GB RAM, the Fusion5 4G is a speedy and responsive little beast with more than enough power to satisfy your daily tablet needs.

32GB of storage and up to 128GB of external storage thanks to the micro SD card compatible slot means you’ll never have a problem running out of storage.

The handy-sized 9.6 inch screen is slightly smaller than a 10 inch but it’s hardly noticeable and still allows you to enjoy wide screen IPS technology on a larger than average display.

The Fusion5 4G has not 1 but 2 full size SIMs and functions on the 4G network so you can enjoy connectivity even in WiFi weak zones.

The Final Word

Considering its price, the Fusion5 4G is a speedy, powerful and incredibly versatile tablet with the added benefit of dual SIMS for phone calling if needed. Performance is very satisfactory and the device itself is easy to use. A great buy for families who want a budget-priced tablet that’s sturdy enough for the kid’s while offering a pack of features for the more demanding user. A good-looking well-functioning tablet that’s incredibly good value for money.


Speedy operation

Large screen


Sound is a bit tinny

Padgene 10.1″ M8 tablet An ultra slim budget phablet


The Look

The Padgene 10.1”  M8 android is an ultra-slim black tablet encased in a stylish metal shell. The large screen is ideal for watching movies at home, reading or browsing the internet with ease, delivering a bright, clear and colourful image. Known as a ‘phablet’ the M8 also doubles as a phone with 2 regular SIM card slots included.


The Feel

The metal shell gives the M8 a smooth and textured feel thats easy to hold while the large 10.1” screen is a decent size, providing a pleasant reading or movie watching experience.


The Experience

The M8 is easy to set up and go, while downloading apps and keeping them regularly updated is no problem at all.

The M8 comes with 1 GB RAM of memory and a generous 16 GB hard disk which supports a TF card and can be extended up to 64 GB.

It’s a reasonably responsive tablet with no noticeable lag when you’ve got multiple apps open at the same time. However big game players may find it a bit slow for demanding games. It’s more suitable as a tablet for small games that younger kids may play.

Everyday tasks such as emails, browsing, reading and watching movies can be performed with ease, making it a great all-rounder for the whole family to use.

The dual camera is adequate for kids who want to play and take selfies, but camera quality isn’t a big priority, even with the higher priced tablets, so you can’t really expect much more.

As a budget priced tablet, the M8 is ideal as a general family device or kids’ first tablet, offering a decent sized screen for movie watching and game playing.

The price is reflected in the sound quality though; average at the most. It certainly won’t be enough to satisfy those wanting deep bass and trebles for truly immersive game playing or movie watching. However, if you’re looking for a budget tablet for younger kids, the sound’s perfectly adequate for their TV shows and simple games.

On the plus side, the M8 does have a pretty decent battery life of 7 hours, which can be extended if you put the tablet in ‘ultra power saving’ mode.


The Features

The M8 ‘phablet’ has 2 regular SIM card slots, so you can use it as a phone as well as a tablet. It supports 3G network and is unlocked.

Thanks to the 4500mAh battery, you can use the M8 easily for 7 hours. And if the power’s running low, you can put it in ultra power saving mode to save on the battery power.

The M8 comes with Google Playstore pre-installed, and supports the more popular apps such as Netflix and YouTube.

With Google Android 7.0, the M8 offers a smooth and responsive browsing experience with no noticeable lag when multitasking.

The M8 also features built-in WiFi and Bluetooth, so you can easily connect to Bluetooth-enabled devices such as keyboards and speakers.

The M8 has dual cameras, enabling you to catch up with friends and family on video chats or for the kids to take selfies.


The Final Word

The Padgene M8 doesn’t claim to be in the same league as higher spec, more expensive tablets. It’s a low price, functional ‘phablet’ that does exactly what it says it does. Rather than a feature-filled high end tablet, the Padgene M8 is an ideal entry level tablet for casual users and families with young children.

Not mind-blowing, but not bad either; and for the price, a pretty satisfying, general-use tablet.


Doubles as phone



Average audio

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