Best Fitness Tracker This Year – Buyer’s Guide

It’s getting tougher to choose the best fitness tracker these days, as Fitbit start to lose market share and other companies such as Xiaomi, Misfit and Garmin come into the market there are a lot more models on offer, with an increasing feature-set. Additionally, the line between smart-watches and fitness-trackers is beginning to blur as the latter become more and more capable.

Best Fitness Tracker This Year

Best Fitness Tracker

The table below highlights additional features as well as battery-life :

  • Does it have a connected GPS (where the tracker uses your phone to map routes)?
  • Does it have a heart-rate monitor?
  • Can you swim while wearing the device?
  • How long does the battery typically last?

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FitBit Alta HR Fitness WristbandBest fitness tracker with heart rate monitor

Best Fitness Tracker - Fitbit Alta HR

The Look

The Alta HR has had a makeover that makes it look a little classier than the standard Alta. It weighs very little and is wonderfully slim at just 1.5 centimetres. Being so light and small as well as having a good fit to the wrist it’s not at all distracting to wear.

Its black-and-white touch-screen is OLED, which is easier to view in the glare of the Sun than other screen technologies, and is rectangular in shape with a slight curve. As with all Fitbits, different straps are available.

The Feel

The Alta HR is as light as a feather and very slim so you hardly know it’s on your wrist. It comes with a black, rubber strap as standard, which is very comfortable. Overall the device is unobtrusive. If you’d rather have a different colour then there are a range of interchangeable straps to choose from.

The Experience

The Alta HR doesn’t have everything, but you couldn’t expect to pack all the features of a modern activity-tracker into such a small device. The heart-rate monitor uses Fitbit’s proprietary PurePulse sensor technology and it gives accurate and continuous readouts, but some have reported that the step-tracker can exaggerate the number of steps you’ve taken during the day.

The sleep-monitoring is more advanced than the standard Alta, monitoring the various stages of sleep including light, REM (Rapid Eye Movement – dreaming) and deep sleep states, this is a big improvement on the tech of the standard Alta and a welcome one.

When it comes to alarms and notifications the Alta HR is no slacker, alarms can be audio or vibratory and will tell you when you have a phone call or a text, it even has a calendar notification feature so that you won’t miss appointments or important events. It can show you who is calling and even displays text messages on-screen so there’s no need to get your phone out while exercising to read a text message.

The Features

The Alta HR isn’t fully-featured but what it does do it does very well and with a sleek, stylish look. As mentioned above the sleep-monitoring is in-depth, this is a bonus as what happens when your inactive is just as important as what’s happening when you’re active. Like the standard Alta, the HR has the SmartTrack feature, which monitors multiple sports activity types and shows you real-time stats as well as end-of-event summaries.

The HR knows when you start to run, hike, get on your bike or play sports like basketball, football or tennis. It also recognises aerobic activities such as dancing, cardio-kickboxing and Zumba. It also knows when you’re not moving and has an anti-sedentary feature called Reminders To Move. This basically reminds you to walk around for a few minutes of each hour rather than constantly sitting at your desk.

This fitness-tracker doesn’t have connected-GPS (where the tracker uses your phone’s GPS to map your route), but it does have the MobileRun feature of the Fitbit app, which is handy but it means you have to have your phone on your person while doing your activity, which probably isn’t ideal in most cases. After using MobileRun you can then sync your Fitbit with the app so that your tracker can add the new data to your exercise history.

The Final Word

If you’re serious about your exercise then the lack of GPS and the inability to swim while wearing the device may put you off buying the Alta HR, but for  most people it’s a solid device that offers the basic features of a modern fitness-tracker, has a stylish design and is comfortable to wear. Finally, the battery-life on this tracker is one of the longest at 7 days of normal use. So, unless you’re a sociable teenager receiving ten texts per hour then you will get a lot of use out of it in between charges.


Long battery life

HR monitor


Screen scratches easily

Some report innacurate steps

Fitbit Alta Fitness Wrist Band Great battery life

Best Fitness Tracker - Fitbit Alta

The Look

Fitness wristbands are great but some of the larger versions do make you feel like you’re wearing a prisoner tracking device from a sci-fi movie.

Well, there’s no fear of that with the Fitbit Alta. The most basic Fitbit model is ideal for those who want to wear a fitness wristband without appearing it too obvious that you’re wearing a fitness wristband.

The most sleek and slimline model to date, the Alta is discreet and understated. The modular design offers a nice range of colours to choose from, and you can easily change the silicone band to a more expensive leather or metal version if you prefer.

The Alta is all about simplicity. It has an OLED display with default date and day settings. Just tap through the screen to see steps taken, distance done, calories burned, active minutes and to set the alarm.

You can also change the clock face and you can view the display in portrait or landscape mode just like your smartphone.

The Feel

Given its slimline measurements, the Alta is lightweight and fits comfortably around the wrist. You can wear it all day long without it feeling clumpy or obvious.

The rubbery silicone is more comfortable than the metal band which costs £60 more, so if you want comfort rather than looks, you’d be better off buying extra silicone bands in different colours for a change of look.

The Experience

The Alta is a basic Fitbit model, and lacks the altimeter, GPS and heart rate monitors of the more expensive Fitbit versions, so it’s not ideal for serious sports enthusiasts.

It’s splash proof so the odd drop of water isn’t going to affect it, but you will need to take it off before you shower or go swimming.

However, what it lacks in features, it certainly makes up for in accuracy. It seamlessly registers activity and syncs with the app which is easy to set up, as long as your phone is in range.

It also tracks your sleep patterns better than some of the more sophisticated models, and the lightweight, slimline design makes it easier to wear in bed than the bulkier versions.

The Features

The Alta has a handy hourly activity tracker which accurately monitors your movements on an hourly basis. It also reminds you to move, if you’ve been stationary for too long.

The display will also alert you when your phone receives a call or text message, although it is just an alert; it won’t display the whole message, so you’ll still need to refer to your phone to read it properly.

The lack of GPS does mean that the lithium battery lasts longer; around 5 days between charges which isn’t bad.

The silicone band is interchangeable and the standard black can be changed easily for another colour: blue, plum, minty green, black/gold or pink/gold. The leather bands come in pink or graphite.

The Final Word

If you’re a serious athlete, the Fitbit Alta won’t be your go-to model, it’s too basic. But if you want a stylish, accurate fitness wristband to track your steps and everyday activity, without spending a fortune, then the Alta will more than satisfy your needs.


Long battery life



Touch-screen insensitve

Best Fitness Tracker - Fitbit Charge 2

The Look

The rubbery ‘elastomer’ wristband on the second Fitbit Charge HR version is thicker and not as compact as the earlier version. However, there’s a larger choice of interchangeable straps in different colours to choose from, including a leather strap at an additional cost if you prefer a slightly more classier look.

A notable improvement is the screen size. It’s larger than the earlier version and the OLED display gives you all the vital information on one screen, which is far more convenient. There’s just one button to activate the different activity features, so it’s very simple to use.

The Feel

The thicker band takes a bit of getting used to, and you certainly know it’s on your wrist! However, it’s comfortable enough and no different from wearing a larger banded watch during the day. If you prefer a classier and more comfortable feel, it may be worth paying the extra for a leather strap which comes in pink, brown or indigo.

Its presence can certainly be felt, so it’s not ideal for wearing to bed, which kind of makes the sleep features a bit redundant.

The Charge 2 isn’t 100% waterproof so it’s not suitable for swimming or other water sports. But it is water resistant so I wouldn’t worry too much about the odd water splatters from running in the rain or washing your hands.

The Experience

Like other FitBit wristbands, the Charge 2 has all the standard features such as calories burned and steps taken, although you can adjust the default 10,000 steps per day goal via the app for a more customised tracker. It will also vibrate to let you know you’ve been sitting still for too long.

The lift to look gesture is a bit unpredictable, so it’s quicker to tap the screen to light up the display when you need it.

There’s no built-in GPS tracker which means you’ll need to have your phone with to track your steps via Bluetooth. The lack of GPS does mean though that the battery lasts longer, and you can go 5 full days between charges.

One major improvement on the last version is the multi-sport tracking feature which automatically  tracks different sporting activities be it running, cycling, walking or gym workouts. It will also automatically pause when you take a breather during a session and start up again when you resume.

Another plus point is the PurePulse Heart Rate feature. It will constantly track your heart rate all day long without the need for a fiddly heart strap stuck to your chest. You can also do breathing exercises! Based on your real-time heart rate data, the Charge 2 will instruct you when to breathe in and out creating a customised meditation session. This is a fantastic feature for those who want to exercise but have a hard time adjusting their breathing properly. Far more common than you’d think!

The Charge 2 will also track your sleeping patterns and it also has a silent, vibrating alarm so you won’t disturb others. However, the sleep tracker isn’t that accurate and this, coupled with the clumpier wrist strap, doesn’t make it the best wristband to wear while sleeping.

The Features

Easy to fit, interchangeable wristbands in a choice of colours: default black, blue or purple, special edition lilac and gunmetal grey, or pink, brown or indigo leather straps.

Heart rate monitor with added breathing exercise challenges, without the need for a chest strap.

Multi-sport automatic tracking feature so you don’t have to manually set up the wristband at the start of a session.

User-friendly app packed with great features giving you an overview of your progress. You can also challenge your friends and monitor how well they are doing too.

The Final Word

The FitBit Charge 2’s lack of GPS may put more serious runners off, but if you’re looking for a nice looking, easy-to-use wearable with a decent battery life and constant, automatic tracking capabilities, then you’ll find the Charge 2 a great training companion.


Large screen

Comfortable strap


Limited phone notifications

Fitbit Flex 2 Fitness WristbandBest waterproof fitness tracker for swimming

Best Fitness Tracker - Fitbit Flex 2

The Look

The Fitbit Flex 2, the updated version of the original Fitbit Flex has 2 notable differences. Firstly, it’s 100% waterproof and secondly, it’s a lot slimmer.

The Flex 2 is only about a centimetre wide, so it’s slim enough to easily wear on the same wrist as your watch. The wristband is controlled by a little plastic bar which pops out of the casing to be charged.

The basic strap comes in a standard flexi elastometer which this time round is embossed with a textured pattern. However, you can change the black for other colours including lavender, magenta and navy.

For the more fashion conscious, or for those don’t want it to be obvious they’re wearing a fitness wristband, straps are also available as silver, gold or rose/gold bangles. They look good, but they are expensive and will cost you as much as the Flex 2 itself.

There’s no display with the Flex 2, just a vertical bar of LEDs which light up when you receive a notification on your phone.

The Feel

The smaller size of the Flex 2 means you can literally put it on and forget you’re wearing it. The wristband will automatically count steps and sleep patterns without you having to think about it.

The waterproof feature means you don’t even need to take it off when showering or swimming. You can easily wear it all day long, and only remove it when it needs charging.

The Experience

Once synced and configured, the accompanying app, SmartTrack, will automatically recognise a range of exercises as well as auto counting your steps and sleep patterns.

But its biggest appeal is the Swim Tracker which can detect 4 different swim strokes. The swim tracker does consume more battery though, which is why you need to manually turn it on if you want to register your swim strokes. It’s a handy feature for casual swimmers, however it only tracks continuous swimming, so if you stop and start between laps for a pause, it loses some of its accuracy. If you’re not bothered about the swim tracker, then keep it turned off to preserve the battery.

The Flex 2 has a vertical bar of LEDs which will light up to show your progress (a full bar indicates your daily goal has been achieved), as well as specific colours depending on the notification you receive, for example, blue lights for WhatApp or SMS, yellow lights for calls, and purple lights to remind you to move. The wristband will also vibrate at the same time.

There’s no GPS or altimeter, but the app is easy to navigate and also sets you challenges and achievements.

The battery life is a bit of a disappointment and only averages out to about 4 days between charges. But you can stretch that out a bit if you turn off all the features and only use it as a pedometer.

It’s also slow to charge, so it’s best to remove it and charge it overnight.

The Features

The waterproof feature is a welcome addition which many wristbands lack, so it’s a great little band to wear on holiday when you’re in and out of the water all the time.

The jewellery bangles, although expensive, look great and give you a classier option if you don’t want an obvious-looking fitness wristband.

The Final Word

The Fitbit Flex 2 obviously lacks the features that more dedicated sporting enthusiasts want. But it’s a great band for beginners, casual swimmers, or those who just want to track their daily activity without being swamped with too many extra features, and prefer a discreet looking wristband they can wear around the clock.



Comfortable strap


Shorter battery life

Muzili YG3 Plus Activity Tracker Best budget fitness tracker

Best Fitness Tracker - Muzili YG3 Plus

The Look

Considering the Muzili YG3 Plus Activity Tracker is a budget prices fitness wristband, the design and quality are pretty impressive.

It’s attractive looking enough that you won’t feel too conspicuous wearing throughout the day even when not exercising. The band itself is made from TPE Thermoplastic Elastomer and looks sturdy and durable. The downside is, you only have a choice of 3 colours: black, green or red, and you can’t order extra wristbands like the Fitbit straps.

The display is clear and large, and you just have to tap the OLED screen to read steps taken, calories burned, heart rate etc.

The Feel

The advanced TPE doesn’t irritate the skin and is comfortable to wear even when sleeping. Although it looks sturdy, the YG3 is lightweight and after a while, you forget you’re actually wearing it.

The adjustable strap is a decent length and can easily be adjusted to fit large or small wrists.

The Experience

Considering it’s a budget fitness wristband, the YG3 is jam packed with features.

The step counter is reasonably accurate, while the multi-motion mode will let you set various different activities such as walking, running, cycling and even basketball and badminton modes.

As well as the pedometer, the YG3 also has GPS capabilities, a sleep monitor to track your sleeping patterns, a 24 hour heart rate monitor and caller ID and SMS alerts. You can even control your mobile’s music and camera functions via the wristband. Not bad for the price!

The YG3 comes with a downloadable app called VeryFitPro which is compatible with Android 4.4 and IOS 7.0 and upwards.

Although the app has a user-friendly interface, and once up and running, is easy to use, setting up is a bit tricky and time-consuming. And unless you have Bluetooth connected constantly, you have to keep re-syncing it manually to update your progress.

Once synced, the wristband will vibrate. It’s the same sensation used for the silent alarm, although it is a little too subtle to wake up heavy sleepers! However, the movement reminder is a handy and welcome feature.

The YG3 is IP67 ‘waterproof’, which means you can shower while wearing it or train in rainy weather, however swimming with it isn’t recommended, though it can withstand water less than 1 metre deep for a short time.

But the saving grace of the YG3 has got to be the long battery life. It really outshines that of its more expensive counterparts. Fully charged, you can go for an entire week without having to charge it again, which is a notable plus.

The Features

As mentioned above, the YG3 is packed with bonus features that you wouldn’t expect to find on a fitness wristband in this price range. Heart monitor, sleep monitor, text and call alerts, motion reminder and the added convenience of controlling your mobile music via the wristband itself make it one of the best value GPS enabled wristbands out there.

The YG3 also comes with a USB cable for easy charging. Just click off the straps and plug it in. A red button will light up to let you know it’s charging.

The Final Word

The YG3 probably isn’t at the level of the more sophisticated fitness wristbands that serious athletes are looking for, but if you want some extra features without forking out a fortune, for a budget priced exercising companion, it’s a pretty good buy. Having said that, you don’t have to take advantage of the extra features, so even if you just want a watch that counts your steps, at this price, you really can’t go wrong.





Screen scratches easily

Mpow Waterproof Fitness Tracker Best budget swimming fitness tracker

Best Fitness Tracker - Mpow

The Look

The Mpow waterproof smartwatch is a budget fitness wristband packed with features for those who want a comprehensive all-in-one fitness tracker without spending a fortune.

The design is simple, yet stylish. The standard version comes in black, or you can choose a blue, pink or green version. The green is actually turquoise and quite bright, so won’t be the first choice for those who want a more understated look.

The band itself is fairly thick and features a glossy display which can be adjusted for vertical or horizontal viewing. The time can also be adjusted to analogue or digital formats, 12 hour or 24, which ever you prefer.

The Mpow display can also be set to night mode, so you won’t be disturbed by a brightly lit screen while you’re sleeping.

The Feel

The Mpow is comfortable enough and is made with medical grade  TPU, so it shouldn’t irritate the skin; a good choice for sensitive skin types.

The wristband needs to be unclipped to charge, which can easily be done with a regular USB port. However, the clips on the wristband can be a bit fiddly and stiff to unclip.

The Experience

Considering the price, the Mpow has a whole load of features you’d expect to find on a more expensive model. As well as the usual, steps taken, distance travelled, calories burned, you can monitor your daily heart rate and the accompanying ‘Lifesense’ app will display your heart rate history curve on an easy to read graph.

The Mpow is 100% waterproof and can be used for swimming which is a plus. On the down side, it doesn’t have a specific swim tracker or multi-sports recognition, so it won’t actually recognise that you’re swimming.

The battery life is around a week and could go more if you turn off the heart rate function, but I’m not sure it would last 21 days like the manufacturers say, even in standby mode. Having said that, it only takes about an hour to charge up.

The Mpow uses a regular USB port for charging, so you can just plug it into your computer or your car’s USB port which is super handy.

The app is easy to set up and use and is fairly accurate when it comes to tracking heart rate and steps.

The wristband itself vibrates if you have an incoming call or SMS, and you can set the move reminder to vibrate when you’ve been sitting still for too long.

It will monitor your sleep as heavy and light sleep as well as awake hours. Although if you’re lying in bed reading a book, it will register it as ‘light sleep’ rather than ‘resting’.  But even the more expensive fitness trackers aren’t 100% accurate when it comes to precision sleep monitoring, so to get an idea of your overall sleep pattern, it’s not that bad.

The Features

The waterproof feature makes it a good all-rounder and handy if you want a cheaper fitness tracker to take on holiday.

The heart rate monitor measures your heart rate from your wrist, so there’s no need for a chest strap.

Vibrating functions for incoming calls and messages, silent alarms and movement reminder.

Easy to charge anywhere with a regular USB port.

The Final Word

The Mpow doesn’t look as classy as more expensive rivals and the software isn’t as sophisticated, but if you want a feature packed fitness wristband, it would be hard to find another one in this budget price range. The waterproof feature itself makes it a very appealing buy, and at this price, even if it doesn’t last as long as the better known brands, it’s still very good value for money.



HR monitor


Strap colour fades quickly

moreFit Slim HR Plus Waterproof Best all-round budget fitness tracker

MoreFit Slim HR Plus Waterproof Bracelet Fitness Wristband

The Look

As the name would suggest, the moreFit Slim HR Plus is a slim, lightweight fitness wristband that has a soft, rubbery strap that’s secure on your wrist and very comfortable to wear.

The HR Plus comes in black, with silver edging on each side of the display which adds a stylish touch making the wristband appear more expensive looking than it actually is. The band is incredibly versatile and can be quickly and easily interchanged with a choice of  different colours (sold separately), so you can change them to suit your look.

The HR Plus also offers the choice of 4 clock faces on the OLED display screen for a more customised look.

The strap unclips and can be charged via a regular USB port. The touch screen is slightly bigger than previous versions and you can easily touch through to get it to display essential data such as heart rate, steps and calories burned.

The Feel

The rubbery strap is very flexible and extremely comfortable to wear, even for sleeping, so it’s a great wristband to wear over a 24 hour period.

The Experience

The soft, comfy strap and the easy to use touch screen functions make the moreFit slim HR Plus a pleasure to wear. But how does it perform?

The app is incredibly easy to download to your phone and sync, while the screen is easy to read and navigate.  Simplicity really is the key with this no fuss wristband. It automatically tracks your sleep and your heart rate and is a great device for those who want to keep an eye on their overall health without being overwhelmed with technology.

The battery lasts around 5 to 7 days, while the fact that you don’t need a dedicated charger or cable, just plug into a USB port, adds to the simplicity of use.

The heart rate, steps and sleep monitors seem to work pretty well too and although not 100% accurate, they do give you a general idea of your activities and you can track them easily through the app.

The HR Plus is also waterproof up to 1 metre depth, so there’s no need to take it off when swimming or showering.

The Features

As well as the usual features: steps, distance, calories burned, the HR Plus has a well-functioning heart rate monitor that you’d only expect to find on more expensive models. It also has a silent vibrating alarm, movement reminder, stop watch feature, and a handy anti-lost function which will alert you if your phone is more than 5 metres away.

Waterproof up to 1 metre depth,  the HR Plus can be worn while swimming or in the shower.

The HR Plus also features a sleep tracker to monitor how long and how well you sleep, giving you a  good general overview of your sleep patterns.

The touch screen will show incoming messages such as SMS, WhatsApp and Instagram as well as alerting you to incoming phone calls. If you have an iPhone, you can also decline incoming calls by pressing the display.

You can also use the wristband as a remote control for your phone’s camera, as well as your phone’s music playlist.

The choice of colours is impressive and means you can customise your wristband to suit your look.

The Final Word

The moreFit Slim HR Plus wristband is a fantastic all-round waterproof fitness bracelet that’s attractive, customisable and functions well. The simplicity of the set up and syncing, coupled with the handy USB plug, makes it an ideal fitness tracker for those who aren’t that comfortable with technological gadgets.

The heart rate monitor is an added bonus, and considering its price, a very welcome feature. It may not have software capabilities, sophistication or advanced features of the more expensive brands, but if you’re looking for a stylish, easy to use fitness wristband at a budget price, the moreFit Slim  HR Plus is a pretty good package.


HR Monitor

Replacement straps


Shorter battery life

Delvfire Fitness Tracker Best basic fitness tracker

Best Fitness Tracker - Delvfire

The Look

The Delvfire is sleek and simple with a classic fitness tracker look. The plastic strap is embossed with a grooved pattern and the central screen features OLED lighting and touch screen technology allowing you to quickly tap through your stats and notifications.

The Delvfire is available in black or you can buy replacement straps in blue, green or pink.

The screen is easy to use and as well as the stats display, will also notify you if you have any incoming calls, texts, WhatsApp and Social Media notifications such as Twitter and Facebook. However, it can be hard to read in bright sunlight.

The Feel

The Delvfire is made from standard TPE material and is lightweight, comfortable to wear and fits snugly around your wrist.  The strap detaches easily to reveal a regular USB plug which can be directly plugged in to any USB port, whether it’s your computer or in your car, without the need for cables.

The Experience

Once downloaded the app syncs easily with the wristband via Bluetooth. However, the range isn’t the best so you need to keep your phone nearby so Bluetooth can accurately record your data. The anti-lost mechanism will alert you if your phone is more than 5 metres away, which is the Bluetooth range anyway. The wristband can also trigger an alarm on the phone, so if you’ve misplaced it, you can find it quickly.

The app is pretty basic but considering the Delvfire is in the lower price range, it covers what you need, is easy to navigate and you can easily change your targets.

It’s not as precise or as accurate as some of the more sophisticated models but it will give you a general idea, which is more than enough for the average person who wants to keep track of their activity, but not enough to satisfy the needs of more serious sports enthusiasts.

With the sleep mode function, you get what you pay for. It’s certainly less reliable than more sophisticated models, but like the exercise modes, you can get a general idea of your sleep patterns over a period of time, so it just depends on how important this feature is for you.

The Delvfire isn’t waterproof but can easily withstand the odd splash or two, or if you get caught out in the rain. Just remember to take it off before you have a shower or take a dip in the pool.

The Features

Standard activity tracking features such as steps, distance travelled, calories burned and active minutes, as well as a reminder to move if you’ve been stationary for too long.

The sleep feature will automatically track how long you have slept and the quality of your sleep, although it isn’t the most accurate sleep tracker on the market.

The remote camera control allows to take photos with your mobile phone by clicking the shoot button remotely from your wristband.

The Final Word

You can’t expect the sophistication and advanced features of a Fitbit at this low price. But if you want an entry level fitness wristband for general tracking, the Delvfire is an economical and sensible choice, and it’s ideal for those who want the motivation to get fitter without having to spend a fortune or worry about anything too high-tech.


Good price vs features


Weak strap

Letscom Fitness Tracker Best cheap fitness tracker

Best Fitness Tracker - Letscom

The Look

On first glance, it’s hard to imagine the Letscom fitness tracker is such a low price. It has the standard ‘fitness wristband’ look: soft rubber, grooved wristband, glossy, OLED display screen and the typical adjustable press stud fastening that many of the more expensive fitness trackers have.

Slim and discreet enough to wear all day, Letscom is available in black or you can buy more colourful, interchangeable bands separately in blue, pink, purple or turquoise. For the price you’re paying, you could have a separate colour for every occasion!

The OLED display screen is easy to use, just tap or swipe to scroll through the specs and data. The home screen displays the time, date and battery percentage, either in landscape or portrait mode, depending on what you prefer.

The Feel

The Letscom is made with the standard TPE material used for most fitness wristbands. It’s soft, flexible, doesn’t irritate the skin and is comfortable to sleep with. It’s lightweight too, so it won’t feel clumpy or heavy on your wrist, even if after wearing it all day long.

The Experience

The Letscom syncs with its VeryFitPro app which is easy to download and use, with a simple enough interface featuring steps, calories burned, distance travelled and sleep patterns, both daily and over a week.

The app works with the wristband via Bluetooth 4.0, but only on smartphones, you can’t download the app onto your Mac/PC, Ipad or tablet. It’s compatible with iOS 7.1 and Android 4.4 and above.

If you’re looking for accuracy and precision, then the Letscom isn’t for you; you’re better saving up for a more sophisticated model. However, if you’re just starting out on a fitness drive, or you’d simply like to get a general idea of your activity and sleep patterns, then the Letscom is great value for money.

This basic version lacks heart rate monitor, GPS and it’s not waterproof, just splash proof. However,  it’s these features that typically bump up the price, so you can’t really expect them on such a low priced wristband. But the features it does have work as they should.

The sleep tracker will register light sleep, heavy sleep and total sleep so you can get a good idea of your average over a week. The all day activity tracker does the same for steps, distance, active minutes and calories burned.

There’s a vibrating reminder to move if you’ve been sitting still for too long, and alarm settings including a silent vibrating alarm to wake you up gently without disturbing your sleeping partner.

You can also receive SMS, social media and Whatsapp notifications as well as incoming calls which are all displayed on the screen.

And if you misplace your phone, you can trigger it to ring or vibrate from the wristband if it’s within the Bluetooth range which is around 5 metres.

The Features

The Letscom comes with a built-in USB plug which you can access by separating the straps from the main component. Just plug it in to any USB port, there’s no need for a cable or charging dock. It takes around 1 – 2 hours to charge and should last around 7 days once fully charged.

The Letscom features all day activity tracking, sleep tracking and notifications that are standard on all fitness trackers.

The bands can be changed easily and there are other colours available to customise your look.

The Final Word

The Letscom is a basic fitness tracker at a budget price so you can’t expect it to have the advanced features of the more expensive brands. However, it does what it ‘says on the tin’, no more, no less and works well for your essential needs. It’s never going to compete with better known brands such as Fitbit, but for the price, it’s a great little entry level fitness tracker.


Cheap all-rounder


App only works on newer Android

TOOBUR Activity Tracker Cheap but functional fitness tracker

Best Fitness Tracker - Toobur

The Look

If you’re looking for a budget priced waterproof activity tracker but don’t want to spend top dollar, the TOOBUR is certainly worth considering.

Design wise, it’s pretty much like most of the fitness trackers in the low to medium price range: slim, understated and simple, with the standard TPE, rubbery plastic strap and small LED display screen.

The black adjustable strap ranges from 148mm – 217mm in length and can be swapped for blue or pink if preferred (sold separately), making it ideal for both adults and health conscious kids.

The Feel

TPE is a soft flexible rubber that doesn’t irritate the skin and won’t spoil with water splashes. It’s comfortable to wear all day long and during the night.

The TOOBUR is lightweight and slim enough that even younger kids can wear it without it look big or bulky, while it’s also sturdy enough to take a bit of rough handling.

The Experience

The TOOBUR is waterproof which is another reason why it would make a suitable fitness tracker for kids as well as adults. It can withstand short water immersions, so it won’t fail if you jump in the pool or leave it on in the shower.

The wristband works with Bluetooth so you do need to have your phone nearby to successfully register your activity. However, if you move out of the Bluetooth range, which is about 5 metres, the wristband or your phone will vibrate to let you know. This also works as an anti-lost feature.

The wristband works with free apps, Veryfit and Veryfit 2.0 (the latest version) which can be downloaded from the Apple Store or Google Play. The app is easy to use and gives you a daily and weekly chart of your average steps and sleep patterns. You can also set goals and challenges which your wristband will remind you to complete.

The LED display screen is activated either by shaking your wrist or by tapping the screen. The touch screen feature is pretty sensitive, and the quick response is a welcome surprise for such a low budget watch; something you’d only expect on a more expensive version. On the downside, the screen doesn’t have a brightness control that you can turn up, and it’s almost impossible to read in bright sunlight.

The battery life isn’t bad at all. You can get in a full week between charges, and charging itself only takes about an hour.

Obviously at this price you aren’t going to get advanced features, but the basic steps, distance, calories burned and sleep tracker all work fine.

The Features

The TOOBUR has a convenient built-in USB plug that can be used with any USB port without the need for a dedicated charging cable.

All day activity tracker, sleep tracker and movement reminder which vibrates when you’ve been sitting still for too long.

Call, SMS and SNS notifications displayed on the LED screen.

Although it’s not 100% waterproof, the TOOBUR can withstand a quick immersion, so it won’t break if you step into the shower or jump into the pool.

The Final Word

The TOOBUR waterproof activity tracker is great value for money if you want a basic, level entry fitness tracker to monitor your everyday activity. The waterproof feature, colourful, adjustable bands, sturdy design and easy charging also make it an ideal fitness wristband for kids.


Light and comfortable


App only works on newer Android

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