Best Dehumidifier This Year – Buyer’s Guide

Choosing the best dehumidifier is a fairly simple process once you know what you’re looking for. The environment where the dehumidifier is to be located is of course the biggest influencing factor, the size of the room, the ambient temperature and the contents of the room are all factors that come into play when choosing the right dehumidifier for your particular circumstances.

Picking the right humidifier for you is made easy with our handy, at-a-glance feature table as well as our more detailed reviews, if you need to learn more about dehumidifiers then keep reading, or go straight to the round-up of dehumidifiers if you already know which type is the best dehumidifier for you.

best dehumidifier 2018

Types of Dehumidifier

Desiccant – This type of dehumidifier works better at lower temperatures, and warms up the air by 10 – 12 degrees but uses more power. Desiccant dehumidifiers, while they cost more to run, do warm the air up considerably so this would offset winter running costs.

Refrigerant or Compressor – This type of dehumidifier works better at higher temperatures and warms the air up by about 2 degrees while using less power. Refrigerant or compressor dehumidifiers work better in rooms where the temperature is above 15 degrees and get less and less efficient as temperatures drop below 15 degrees.

Peltier – This type of dehumidifier isn’t very efficient so Peltier technology is only used in small dehumidifiers, because of their small size they generally use little power. Peltier dehumidifiers aren’t so popular for homes as they have few features and are only good for small spaces, but they’re a popular choice for caravans.

Running Costs

All of our running costs are calculated assuming an average of 15p per kilowatt-hour charge in the UK, for your country just substitute your equivalent of the British penny.

Peltier – Peltier dehumidifiers use very little power since they are small units designed for small spaces, typically using 20-40 watts of power, which would mean a running cost of 14p per day for a 40 watt dehumidifier.

Refrigerant (Compressor) – Compressor dehumidifiers generally run in the 150 to 350 watts range and can cost anywhere from 50p to £1.50p per day, so it’s the best type of dehumidifier in terms of price vs performance, as long as your ambient temperature is 15 degrees or above.

Desiccant – Desiccant dehumidifiers are the most power-hungry devices, the one that we review below is a best-seller and uses 580 watts, giving a daily running cost of £2.09, its large capacity means it’s the best dehumidifier for a whole house and this offsets the running costs in comparison to multiple, smaller dehumidifiers.

Noise Levels

Peltier – Peltier dehumidifiers are the quietest type due to their technology but also due to their small size.

Desiccant – Desiccant dehumidifiers are quieter than compressors and, with low fan-speed models, can get as quiet as 40 decibels (about as loud as the noise in a library).

Compressor – Compressor dehumidifiers are the loudest of all due to the compressor.


Peltier – Due to their small size, Peltier dehumidifiers are highly portable and it’s the best dehumidifier type for small spaces such as caravans.

Desiccant – Desiccant dehumidifiers are the lighter than compressors, typically by about 6Kg (13 pounds).

Compressor – Compressor dehumidifiers are the heaviest of all types of dehumidifiers, typically 6Kg (13 pounds) heavier than the equivalent desiccant type.

Our reviews of the best dehumidifiers go into depth about the various features of each of the models, and when we say best we don’t mean the most expensive! Our list is based on what’s popular and well-reviewed and we have a range of dehumidifiers to suit all budgets.

Now that you at least know which type of dehumidifier is the best dehumidifier for you, check out our feature-table below, just click on a model to read the full review.

Make / ModelTypeExtractionTank SizeFilterIoniserPurifierWattage
ProBreeze 500ml DehumidifierPeltier0.25L0.5LNoNoNo20Check price
EcoAir DD122 7L dehumidifierDessicant7L2LYesNoNo580Check price
EcoAir DC12 12LRefrigerant12L3.5LYesNoNo230Check price
HySure 700ml DehumidifierPeltier0.3L0.7LNoNoNo23Check price
Inventor EVA II PRO IONRefrigerant20L3LNoYesNo260Check price
Meaco 12L Eco DehumidifierRefrigerant12L2.5LYesNoYes165Check price
Inventor 12L DehumidifierRefrigerant12L2LYesNoNo.207Check price
Schallen 500ml DehumidifierPeltier0.25L0.5LNoNoNo36Check price
Duronic DH05 DehumidifierPeltier0.25L0.5LYesNoNo22.5Check price
Ebac 3850e 21L DehumidifierRefrigerant21L3LYesNoYes320Check price

ProBreeze 500ml DehumidifierLow energy dehumidifier

The Look.

The ProBreeze 500ml dehumidifier is a small unit, measuring 28cm high, 18cm wide and 16cm deep. The case is pleasantly rounded and white in colour, with the water-tray being transparent blue it looks smart and functional. On the front of the case we have a large on/off button, a power-on indicator light, as well as a light to tell you that the water-tank is full.

The Feel.

This dehumidifier is easy to use, with minimal controls and a no-fuss water-tank removal system. It is highly-portable, due to it’s small size, and fairly light, weighing in at 1.2kg (just under 2.5 pounds). Made of solid-feeling plastic it doesn’t have a cheap feel to it.

The Experience.

With nearly 7,000 reviews at the time of writing and scoring 4.5 out of 5 stars on Amazon UK, this is a best-selling model, and for good reason. Even though it’s a small unit, it can still intake up to 250ml of moisture per day, and with the 500ml tank that means you can fire-and-forget this dehumidifier for up to 2 days.

It’s performance in normal humidity ranges beats a lot of the other mini dehumidifiers that are available, and it is whisper-quiet due to it being based on Peltier technology.

The Features.

Although this is a small dehumidifier, it’s efficient for its size. It can extract up to 250ml of water per day and store 500ml, giving you 2 days of unattended operation. With this extraction rate the unit is obviously best for dehumidifying small spaces, and of course extraction rates depend on other factors, such as the ambient humidity, room size and even room contents.

The 500ml water-tank is at the front of the unit and is a breeze to remove, empty and re-insert. The unit will automatically shut off when the water-tank is nearly full and a light on the control panel indicates when the tank is full so you’re never left guessing and won’t have any accidental spillages.

Being a humidifier based on Peltier technology, this is a very quiet unit and doesn’t use much power, operating from a 9V adapter and using about 20 watts it’s a great low-energy device, costing about 7 pence per day to run at average UK energy prices.

The Final Word.

If you only need to dehumidify a small space or room then the ProBreeze 500ml dehumidifier is a great choice. It outperforms other mini-dehumidifiers, is well made, uses very little power and can be unattended for up to 2 days.


Low power use


Slow extraction rate

EcoAir DD122 7L DehumidifierBest dehumidifier for bedroom


The Look

The EcoAir DD122 7L dehumidifier is a slim and compact unit with a white plastic casing and blue detailing measuring 29cm wide x 17.5 deep x 48.5cm high.

The ergonomic, flat edge design enables the unit to be positioned neatly against the wall without taking up too much space in the room.

The DD122 7L features a handy side tank which slides in and out without having to rotate the unit to get to it, unlike many other units which have the water tank based at the back.

Another handy feature is the viewing windows on the front and back of the unit which let you see how much water is collected without having to wait for the ‘tank full’ light to come on.

The Feel

Weighing just 6kg, the DD122 7L is lightweight and easy to carry from room to room. The unit also features a foldable carrying handle to make portability even easier.

The side sliding water tank also has a handle and a lid to prevent spillage when removing and emptying.

The Experience

The DD122 is a dessicant dehumidifier, so works well in lower temperature environments such as a caravan where heating may be a problem. It nicely warms up the surrounding air by a good 10 – 12 degrees and can remove up to 7 litres of moisture per day, so also does a good job of drying laundry.

The 2 litre water tank is easy to remove and generally needs emptying every 2 – 3 days. There’s a viewing window so you can see how much water’s been collected. Once full, the unit will automatically turn itself off and a red indicator light will turn on. If you want to save yourself a job, there’s also a handy continuous hose option which can drain the water directly into a sink without having to continuously empty the tank.

It’s portability means it can easily be moved from room to room, or even be taken away with you on holiday. It’s also fairly quiet, so it won’t be a nuisance if you’re in the same room.

Some reviewers complained about the lack of control dial features, but the unit does the job well and the rotary dial is easy to use. Just turn the dial to the desired humidity level, then once the level is reached it will automatically turn off, then back on again when the humidity level begins to rise.

The DD122 is relatively economical to use, however there’s also an eco switch which can cut energy costs even further, so you could leave it on all night without having to worry about running costs.

The Features

The anti-bacterial filter does a good job of controlling mould and bacteria growth, so it’s an ideal unit for asthma and allergy sufferers. It’s needs to be cleaned quite regularly, every few days, but it’s easy to remove.

Safety features include anti-tilt protection. The unit will automatically turn off if it tilts over. There’s also a red light indicator when the tank is full. The unit will also switch off when the tank’s full.

The auto start function is a particularly handy feature, so you can just leave it to do its job.

The economy switch can be useful if you want to leave it on over night, while the turbo feature gives a powerful boost for quicker dehumidification.

The collapsible handle makes the unit easy to move around and the lightweight size means it’s ideal if you need a portable unit.

The DD122 also comes with a 2 year warranty for extra peace of mind.

The Final Word

Lightweight, efficient and easy to use, the DD12 7L isn’t the most sophisticated model on the market. But if you’re after a powerful little beast that does exactly what it says, you can’t go wrong with this reasonably priced desiccant dehumidifier.


Good extraction rate

Good tank size


High power usage

EcoAir DC12 12L DehumidifierBest portability vs efficiency


The Look

The EcoAir DC12 12L is a refrigerant dehumidifier with a 12 litre capacity and a 3.5 litre water tank.

Unlike many refrigerant units, the DC12 is fairly compact. It has sleek curves and a pleasantly modern look which doesn’t seem too obtrusive if you want to position it in your kitchen or living areas.

The DC12 features an LED touch control panel on the top of the unit and a transparent ring on the front panel which allows you to see how full the tank is without having to open the unit.

The Feel

Weighing 10.5kg, the DC12 isn’t the lightest unit around. But refrigerant dehumidifiers are typically heavier than smaller dessicant models. However, the unit is fitted with easy-glide castor wheels, so you can easily move it around or wheel it to another room if you don’t want to lift it.

The Experience

The DC12 is fairly easy to use, and the LED control panel has some handy features such as the ‘clean me’ filter indicator.

The water tray is easy to remove, and is positioned at the front of the unit, so there’s no need to move it when the tank needs emptying. Running at around 4 hours a day, it should need emptying every 4 or 5 days on average. If you don’t want to bother with regular emptying, the unit also has a continuous hose option that you can drain into a nearby sink.

The DC12 doesn’t waste any time and works quickly as soon as it’s switched on. One reviewer claimed that the humidity level dropped from 80 to 50% in just 90 minutes.

Noise levels are debatable. It is a refrigerant dehumidifier after all, so it will be noisier because of the in-built compressor. Some reviewers found the high setting too noisy while trying to sleep or watching TV, while one reviewer likened the 41dB to that of a fan oven: obvious but not too distracting.

On the whole, the DC12 does its job well and efficiently manages to pull a good amount of moisture from the atmosphere in a relatively short amount of time. Many reviewers remarked on a noticeable improvement in air quality after only a day or so.

It’s not the cheapest model to run, using around 230 watts, but as the humidity levels drop, so does the wattage. Your thermostat will also notice the warmer air, around 2 degrees, so what you spend in running the DC12, you may save on your heating bills.

The Features

The LED control panel lets you set your desired humidity level. There’s a ‘clean me’ indicator for when it’s time to clean the washable filter, and the unit will beep when the water tank is full.

The control panel also features a self-regulating Active Humidistat and a Laundry Mode function, 2 fan speeds and the choice of 2 or 4 hour timers. There are also auto shut off and auto defrost features.

The 3.5 litre water tank is positioned at the front of the unit for easy removal, and also has a lid to avoid spillages when removing.

The DC12 features castor wheels for easy transportation, and the unit comes with a 2 year manufacturer’s warranty if anything should go wrong.

The Final Word

Being a refrigerant dehumidifier, the DC12 works more efficiently in warmer rooms such as the kitchen or living areas. But it does an impressive job of quickly reducing humidity levels and drying laundry.

It’s not the lightest or quietest model on the market, but if you want a robust, well-built dehumidifier that significantly enhances air quality, the DC12 12L offers great value for money.


Very good extraction rate

Great tank size

Continuous drainage option


A little noisy

HySure 700ml DehumidifierBest dehumidifier for drying clothes

The Look

The HySure 700ml is a mini peltier dehumidifier with a 300ml extraction capacity over 24 hours and a 700ml water tank.

One of the smallest and most compact dehumidifiers on the market, it’s a stylish little unit that can can be placed anywhere thanks to its 16 x 10.7 x 26.7 cm dimensions. There’s a simple to use one-touch control button on the top of the unit which glows green when working, and yellow when the tank is full.

The Feel

Weighing little more than a kg, this dinky little unit can be easily picked up and moved. It’s ideal for using in small spaced areas such as a caravan, boat or walk-in wardrobe. The compact size means you can sit it on the window ledge then easily move it from room to room at different times of the day.

The Experience

Don’t be fooled by the HySure’s small size. This is one powerful little unit which can collect a decent amount of water quickly and quietly. It’s not suitable for large areas but can adequately do the job for smaller areas of around 10 – 20m² such as a study or small shower room.

When it’s switched on the HySure is very quiet with a dB rating of 33. You can sit in the corner or on the windowsill and get on with your day without even noticing the noise. And it’s silent enough to place bedroom areas during the night.

The HySure is incredibly easy to use. It only has one button. It does have an auto shut off function if the tank gets full so it’s safe to leave on overnight, or when you’re not there. And although the water tank has a 700ml capacity, the unit will switch off when it gets to about 680ml, so there’s no worry of overflowing or water spilling out when you empty it.

The water tank at the back of the unit, slides out easily. Just empty, put it back and it’s ready for use again.

The HySure doesn’t have timers, humidity level controls, filters or fan settings, but what it lacks in features it makes up for in energy efficiency. Using only 23watts, the unit only consumes about 1kwh of electricity over 50 hours of running time. So you can leave it constantly turned on without having to worry about a big electricity bill at the end of the month.

The Features

The HySure has a 700ml water tank which slides out of the back of the unit for easy removal. It can collect around 300ml of water over a 24 hour period.

Compact and virtually silent, the HySure doesn’t have a compressor to weigh it down, so it can be easily moved from room to room.

The one-touch control button on the top of the unit glows green when the unit is on, and yellow to indicate when the tank is almost full.

The HySure also comes with a 2 year manufacturer’s warranty.

The Final Word

If you want a sophisticated feature-packed dehumidifier for large areas, then the HySure 700ml is not for you.

But if you want a second dehumidifier for smaller areas, or a portable, lightweight model that you can use in a caravan or boat, you can’t get much better value for money than this dinky little unit.

Its small size is perfect for window sills and thanks to it’s quiet operation, you’ll hardly even notice it’s there.

Simple to use, good at what it does, the HySure is an economical choice that does what it says on the tin. And for the price it is, you really can’t go wrong.


Low power use


Slow extraction rate

Inventor EVA II PRO IONBest dehumidifier with ioniser

The Look

The Inventor EVA II PRO is refrigerant dehumidifier with a 20 litre extraction capacity over 24 hours and a 3 litre tank.

This version has a sleek, compact and modern look that’s enhanced by the ocean blue see-through tank drawer at the bottom front of the unit, which enables you to see how full the tank is at a quick glance.

The stylish unit also has a digital LED control panel on top, and in-built handles for a more ergonomic look.

The Feel

The EVA II PRO is a refrigerant dehumidifier so the built-in compressor weighs it down a bit. Weighing 14.4kg, it will be too heavy for some to take up and down the stairs. However, the unit does have castor wheels, so it’s easy to move from room to room on the same floor.

The Experience

Incredibly easy to use, the control panel is pretty self-explanatory and has a range of functions for those who like to tinker or would like to tailor the functions to suit their needs: humidity levels, air purifier, laundry drying etc.

Most importantly, the EVA II PRO does exactly what it promises. It efficiently collects moisture. After the first few days it can manage around 3 litres in 36 hours.

Once humidity levels are achieved the unit switches off, then on again when levels rise. This helps keep running costs down, although at only 2 pence per hour, the difference in your energy bills will be hardly noticeable.

The EVA II PRO does a great job of controlling damp and mould, drying laundry, and generally improving air quality thanks to the ioniser function. One reviewer noticed that it also helped to clear cooking smells when placed in the kitchen.

As with all refrigerant dehumidifiers, the noise levels may be a problem for some. The level is about the same as a regular fan, although the Silent Mode function does make it slightly quieter. If you’re a light sleeper, the noise may be too much to leave on overnight in the bedroom, but thanks to the castor wheels, you could easily move it out to the landing or hallway at night.

The Features

The EVA II PRO is fitted with an ioniser which helps to purify the air, making it an ideal dehumidifier for asthma and allergies sufferers.

The multi-function digital control panel features a range of controls including timer, smart dehumidification, laundry drying mode, continuous dehumidification, and auto restart which will turn the unit back on after a power cut. This last feature is particularly handy if you want to leave the unit running while you’re away from home.

The control panel also has a tank full indicator, although the stylish see-through drawer makes it easy to check water levels at a glance.

The EVA II PRO also comes with a 2 year manufacturer’s warranty.

The Final Word

The Inventor EVA II PRO is a good looking model that is still compact enough to store discreetly in the corner of a room. If you have mobility issues and you need it for both upstairs and downstairs, the weight may be a problem, although the castor wheels do help with portability.

On the whole though, this is a powerful little unit that does exactly what it promises. The ioniser is a feature that will appeal to asthmatics and allergy sufferers, or anyone who wants cleaner, drier and healthier air with low running costs.


Great extraction

Very good tank size

Has ioniser


Meaco 12L Eco DehumidifierBest all rounder

The Look

The Meaco low energy dehumidifier has a 12 litre collection capacity over 24 hours and a 2 litre water tank.

It’s quite an unusual looking unit, not following the typical design of most dehumidifiers. Some reviewers have remarked it looks a bit like a fancy bin or paper shredder. But it’s a compact unit, and not too large, so you can easily tuck it away out of sight.

The Feel

The Meaco 12L, weighing 9.5kg is quite lightweight for a compressor dehumidifier, and shouldn’t present much of a problem to carry up and downstairs. There’s also a handle that folds neatly into the top of the unit, to make carrying easier. Some reviewers mentioned that castor wheels would have been welcome though.

The Experience

Running at 165 watts, at around 2.53 pence per hour, the Meaco 12L is quite economical, in fact many reviewers didn’t even notice a difference to their electricity bills.

The digital display panel on top of the unit is reasonably self explanatory and easy to use. However, one reviewer mentioned that the ‘tank full’ indicator wasn’t always that accurate.

Both the water tank and the filter are easy to remove. The filter needs cleaning, on average, about once a week. One thing to note is the fan noise gets louder as the filter gets dirtier.

The Meaco 12L does a good job of collecting water over a relatively short space of time. Reviews confirmed 3 litres in 17 hours and even 1 litre in 4 hours. But all figures are relative to the amount of dampness in the air. The drier the air, the less water will be collected.

The noise levels at a maximum of 44dB are bearable, about the level of a standard fan. You can also control the direction of the ventilation angles which is handy if you have a specific area you want to focus on like a damp spot or windows with condensation.

On the whole, noise levels weren’t considered loud enough to distract you from watching TV in the same room.

The Meaco 12L does a good job of drying clothes and many reviewers noticed that the air quality felt much fresher and cleaner over a 24 hour period.

The Features

The Meaco 12L can be used as a dehumidifier in the autumn and winter, and an air purifier during the spring and summer. The unit comes with a free HEPA filter so customers can try the air purifying feature. Extra filters can then be purchased from the manufacturer.

The digital display features a timer, and a humidity level indicator. You can set your desired level (between 30-80%). Once the level has been reached, the unit will switch off, then restart when the humidity levels begin to rise again.

The Meaco 12L also features a handy child lock to stop little fingers changing the digital controls.

Finally, this model also comes with a 2 year manufacturer’s warranty.

The Final Word

The manufacturers describe the Meaco 12L as suitable for a 3 bedroom house. It certainly manages to do its job well, so is also ideal for small areas as well.

It’s not the most fancy looking model on the market, but the Meaco 12L does everything it’s supposed to do, and more if you take into account the HEPA filter air purifier function. A good unit to provide all year round comfort for your home.


Very good extraction rate

Good tank size

Has filter and purifier


A little noisy

Inventor 12L DehumidifierBest dehumidifier for bathroom


The Look

The Inventor Care 12L refrigerant dehumidifier is a slim, compact unit with an ergonomic design for easy portability. It has a 12 litre capacity over 24 hours and a 2 litre tank which slides out like a drawer with easy access on the front of the unit. There’s also a vertical viewing window so you can see how full the tank is without opening the unit.

The Inventor Care has a simple to use digital control panel on the top of the unit which is clear and easy to read, and includes a light indicator for when the tank is full.

On the whole, the Inventor Care is a neat and unobtrusive unit that sits discreetly in any corner of your house.

The Feel

The Inventor Care is a refrigerant model, so the built-in compressor adds to the weight. Weighing around 11kg, it’s about the same weight as your average vacuum cleaner.

It’s built on castor wheels and has smooth ergonomic handles to make transportation easier.

The Experience

The Inventor Care is easy to use with a clear digital display which shows the current humidity level and lets you set your desired level via the + and – buttons. It also has a timer function so you can choose what timeframes you want the unit to work in.

Once you’ve set your desired humidity level, the unit does a good job of collecting moisture: up to 12 litres over a 24-48 hour period. One reviewer registered a volume of 2 litres over a 15 hour period.

Although the unit uses 207 watts, it automatically turns off once the desired humidity level is reached. Once the level starts rising, it turns itself back on again, which means it uses less energy over long periods.

The water tank is at the base on the front of the unit. It pulls out like a drawer and is easy to remove and empty. The unit will show a light on the control panel when the tank needs emptying. It will also switch off automatically when full to prevent water overflowing.

The filter is located behind the water tank, so you need to pull out the drawer to get to it. It can be a bit fiddly to remove, but on average you only need to do this job every couple of weeks.

There were mixed reviews on the noise levels of the Inventor Care. Most compared it to the noise of a desktop fan, slightly more noticeable than the hum of a fridge. Whether it’s enough to distract you when you’re sleeping depends on your tolerance, but the silent mode does decrease the noise level slightly. If you can’t put up with it, the castor wheels make it easier to roll onto the landing or into another room overnight.

On the whole, reviewers agreed that the Inventor Care does a good job of drying out clothes without leaving them ‘stiff’, and is effective at reducing mould and damp. The difference in air quality was noted, and many reviewers particularly noticed their rooms felt warmer.

The Features

The compressor dehumidifier has a 12L capacity over a 24 – 48 hour period, while the auto shut off helps reduce energy consumption.

The unit comes with an easily removable 2L water tank, or an optional continuous hose function if you prefer.

The Inventor Care is fitted with a silent mode function which decreases the noise levels slightly for overnight use.

Choose between a 24 hour timer or continuous dehumidification mode. The control panel also has a desired humidity indicator (between 35-85%) and full tank warning light.

The Inventor Care 12L comes with a 2 year manufacturer’s warranty.

The Final Word

The Inventor Control is a smooth looking, compact unit which collects a decent amount of water in a relatively short amount of time. It does a good job of drying clothes and reducing mould.

If you want a truly silent dehumidifier then the Inventor Control refrigerant system probably won’t suit you. But if you don’t mind the low background hum, you’ll be pleased with the efficiency of this unit.


Good extraction rate

Decent tank size

Continuous drainage option


A little noisy

Schallen 500ml DehumidifierBest dehumidifier for caravan


The Look

The Schallen could be classed as a mini dehumidifier. With a 500ml tank volume and extraction capacity of 250 ml over 24 hours, this peltier model is compact and lightweight, ideal for small spaces such as caravans, wardrobes, cupboards and sheds.

The white unit has a one function on/off switch and a see-through pull out drawer so you can control how much water has been collected. There is also a light on the unit to warn you when the water tank is full.

The Feel

Weighing just 1.44kg, the super lightweight peltier unit is extremely portable and can easily be placed on a desktop, shelf or windowsill. The dimensions are 281 x 144 x 122 cm, and the size could be compared to that of a small toaster.

The Experience

The Schallen does exactly what it says it does, nothing more, nothing less. It can manage to collect around 250ml of water a day (about a glass of water), and needs emptying every couple of days.

It’s ideal for small areas or even taking away with you in your camper van or boat. It’s not quite powerful enough to deal with condensation on windows, but it can do a good job of removing damp from cupboards and wardrobes.

Considering its size, the Schallen isn’t as quiet as the manufacturers claim. At around 40dB, the noise level is about the same as a desktop fan. Inevitably, it just depends on your tolerance levels. Some reviewers complained that it was too noisy, while others said the noise was barely noticeable.

The Features

As the price would suggest, you can’t expect the Schallen to be packed full of features. It basically has an on off switch and just one fan setting.

The extraction capacity is around 250ml over 24-48 hours, and the tank capacity is 500ml. There’s a full tank warning alarm and light on the unit, and the unit will shut off automatically when the tank is full.

You can also see the level of water in the tank thanks to the see-through pull out drawer at the front of the unit.

Compact and great value for money, the Schallen makes a handy second dehumidifier for your home, or the perfect sized unit for students to take with them to university.

Lightweight, portable the Schallen dehumidifier is ideal for removing damp and moisture from:

  • airing cupboards
  • wardrobes
  • larders
  • sheds
  • boats
  • caravans
  • garages
  • small bedrooms


The Final Word

The Schallen is never going to be able to compete with larger, more feature-packed dehumidifiers, but if you only need it for a small space, it does its job very well.

Lightweight and easy to use, it’s ideal for moving around your home, or taking away with you on holiday. What it lacks in features, it makes up for in an exceptionally low price and running costs. So if you just need a mini device for small areas, the Schallen offers great value for money, and you can’t really go wrong.


Low power use

Low cost


Slow extraction rate

Duronic DH05 DehumidifierBest dehumidifier for wardrobe


The Look

The Duronic DH05 is a mini peltier dehumidifier with a 250ml capacity over 24 hours and a 500ml water tank.

Looks wise this has got to be one of the most stylish and funky little devices on the market. Instead of the usual white, the DH05 is glossy black with front and top vents. It looks a bit like a stylish stereo speaker.

The DH05 has a vertical viewing window so you can check the level of water inside the tank. When switched on, the window glows a subtle and very pleasant futuristic blue. If you use it in your bedroom overnight, it would actually make a very effective night light!

The Feel

The DH05 is incredibly lightweight, weighing in at just 1kg, one of the lightest on the market. Measuring 15.4 x 13 x 22 cm, it’s very compact and can easily be positioned on a narrow shelf or windowsill.

Designed to be portable, the DH05 can be easily transferred to a boat or caravan, which can get notoriously damp especially when not in use.

The Experience

The DH05 is one of the easiest dehumidifiers to use. You simply plug in and switch it on.

The amount it collects will depend on how damp the area is, but it can do a good job of collecting around 250ml in the first 24 hours. The DH05 is a slow and steady worker, so it may take a few days before you begin to notice a real difference to the air quality. But costing as little as 10 pence a day to run, you can leave it on permanently if need be.

The water tray is reasonably easy to empty. Just slip out the tray, take out the black rubber plug then drain off the water, which you could even pour directly onto your plants if you wanted to.

Noise levels aren’t too distracting. The DH05 tends to produce a gentle, white noise hum as opposed to the fan like noise of most dehumidifiers.

The cable is a decent length, which is ideal if your power socket is further away. However, it needs to be stressed that the DH05 is only suitable for small rooms, no bigger than 15m². It effectively removes damp from sheds, caravans, wardrobes and air cupboards, but you may find it lacking in rooms where there’s a higher level of humidity such as larger bathrooms, kitchens or areas that have severe mould or rising damp issues.

The Features

For the size and price, you can’t really expect a wealth of features with this little device. However, the fact that it is so easy to use, is a feature in itself.

The blue glowing water tank viewer is a very attractive feature that makes the DH05 stand out from other brands in the same range.

The DH05 has a tank full indicator light on the top of the unit, and it will also turn off automatically when it senses the tank is full, so there’s not danger of leaking water.

The DH05 is also fitted with a removable and washable filter which is quite a surprise for a peltier mini dehumidifier in this price range.

The Final Word

With its black, glossy design and funky blue light, the DH05 is a very cute looking device. In fact you wouldn’t even know it was a dehumidifier.

It won’t suit large areas and big rooms with a lot of humidity, but it does to a great job of removing damp from smaller areas. Compact, lightweight, stylish and comparatively quiet, the DH05 is an efficient little dehumidifier at an unbeatable price.


Has filter

Low power use

Low cost vs extraction rate


Slow extraction rate

Ebac 3850e 21L DehumidifierBest dehumidifier for whole house


The Look

The Ebac 3850e is a British made refrigerant dehumidifier, laundry dryer and air purifier with a 21 litre per day capacity and a 2.5 litre water tank.

Like many dehumidifiers the 3850e has a front loading water tank at the base of the unit. It has a large and easy-to-read display panel which indicates timer, smart mode, boost fan, fan speed, laundry and air purifier modes.

The Feel

Being a refrigerant dehumidifier, the 3850e is one heavy unit, weighing in at 13kg. The unit loses points because it doesn’t come with castor wheels as standard. You can buy them separately from the manufacturer, but they’ll set you back an extra £14.99.

The Experience

The British manufacturers are keen to point out that the Ebac 3850e is specifically designed for the British climate. And good as its word, the 3850e is certainly a powerful unit, which can tackle humidity problems on the coast and inland, from the North to the South. It’s suitable for very damp areas and larger 3 – 4 bedroom, 3 storey houses.

Not only does the 3850e work at efficiently collecting moisture, it also works well at drying clothes. It also has the added benefit of an air purifying mode which quickly clears the air of allergens and smoke.

The 3850e is a refrigerant dehumidifier so you can’t expect it to be totally silent. It can be fairly noisy if you have sensitive hearing, and many reviewers noticed it had a high pitched hum that could take some getting used to. The unit does have a silent mode, but there’s not a great deal of difference, more of a white noise hum in the background.

Considering how powerful the 3850e is (the manufacturers claim it’s their most powerful dehumidifier yet), it’s surprisingly economical to run. One reviewer registered a usage of 80Kwh over 18 days, while others said the running costs were offset by the house warming up quicker which has helped keep energy costs down.

The unit is particularly efficient at drying wet clothes when put in laundry mode. And it’s certainly more energy efficient than a regular tumble dryer.

Energy efficiency is further enhanced by the intuitive Smart mode function which automatically switches on and off according to the humidity levels. Most reviewers found they could just turn it on and leave it to work on its own.

The water tank is easy to empty. It has a top handle and a handy pouring spout which is ideal for watering your plants once filled. There have been a few comments that the lid didn’t fit perfectly though, and strangely, the unit doesn’t have a see-through window like most dehumidifiers do.

There were a few niggles about leaking tanks and poor build design, but after care service was highly rated and replacements sent quickly.

The Features

Smart mode technology automatically detects the humidity levels to help keep air clearer while helping save energy costs.

The 3850e has a massive 21 litre capacity and a front loading 2.5 litre water tank with handy pouring spout. There’s also an auto shut off function and warning light when the tank is full.

Features also include a 2/4/8 hour timer, laundry mode, air purifier mode with removable carbon filters, and intelligent auto-defrost function for efficient running even in colder temperatures.

The 3850e also comes with a 2 year manufacturers warranty.

The Final Word

The Ebac 3850e is one of the more expensive models in our selection of dehumidifiers, but if you live in a large and damp house, it’s certainly worth the higher price for cleaner, drier and healthier air.

Feature packed, it’s a multi-functional unit that does exactly what it says it does, so much so that the manufacturers offer a 100% 30 day ‘Condensation Cure Guarantee’.


Very good extraction rate

Very good tank size

Has filter and purifier


Noisy on full power

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